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    Hey guys!!! Amaya here (But you can call me May, lol)

    I'm working on a new FanFic (Prologue is up in fanfic section), But I need some help.

    Plot Idea:
    Takes place in an imaginary region called Morea
    The main character's (Maria's) mom gets kidnapped, and her father dissapears. This takes place a week after one of her long-time childhood friends is kidnapped. She quickly deduces that Team Luna(ris( is optional, but is part of teams whole name)) has taken them because of their trademark "Lunar Beam" Beacon. (Kinda like the Dark Mark, lol. Didn't realise that until now!) She teams up with her friend Jonathan to go save Akira and her parents. But is that exactly what Team Luna had expected?

    lol gotta love the drama. This isn't going to be a big Journey-Fic, but I might expnd it over a couple of regions. Tops two plus Morea. Keyword here is TOPS.

    Anyway Maria doesn't like being a trainer, but in the Morea region every child has to have at least one year of experience. Her Eevee has become quite bonded to her, and saves her from danger more than once. Her Eevee has almost a psychic nature(hint-hint nudge-nudge on Eeveelution.). In the first chapter (which I have written, but not posted) she and her friend Jonathan are talking to Professor Willow and the radio comes on. But halfway through the announcement Team Luna pre-empts it and gives a threatening warning.

    I'm also working on some new Pokemon superstitions(kind of like animal superstitions).

    If anyone wants to see the first chapter, or even wants to help me edit, let me know. I don't want to post it until I have at least 99.9% of the kinks out
    EDIT: About to be posted! lol! =3

    Thanks in advance!!!

    P.S. I my use of parentheses bothers you, let me know. I tend to overuse them a little bit.
    If you want a quick reply from me on the weekends, try between 11 o'clock and 4 in the morning.

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