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Here's my second character, hope its good. :

Name: Shouta Kuchiki
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Goal : Region Champion
Crest: Sincerity
Personality: Shouta is the opposite of Lillian, blunt and will say what’s on his mind. He is intelligent and will do what he needs to do, something coming out as over confident or cocky. He doesn’t show much expression except his poker-face, but will smile when around people he trusts, like his father, childhood friend, and Pokemon.

Bio: Shouta lives with his widowed father, his mother having died during childbirth, and is Lillian’s other neighbor. The two are childhood friends and Shouta would often go to the library to study up on his strategies for future battles. At the age of 10, when he got his letter from the professor, his father refused at first, but Shouta managed to convince him, ready for his journey ahead.

Fav. Color: Emerald Green
Choose Digimon: Fufumon & Zerimon
Choose Starter Pokemon(s): Sewaddle & Pikipek
Pokemon Ability: Swarm(Sewaddle) & Skill Link(Pikipek)

Please choose a different Digimon, Zerimon is already taken and I would also like for you to choose a different color as I am wanting to keep colors different, and a green type is already taken.