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Rēji Miomoto

As Rēji listened to that speech, he realised something. Submission would work, for now at least. These men seemed to be ruthless, and he had little doubt they could kill him with little regret. Even if I seem submissive in the outside though... I have to stay me. many thoughts like this drifted in and out of his mind.

Rēji heard the words "You will all pair up to test your attacks. Don’t worry about injuries, your newly gifted powers will enable to you withstand more than your previously could." His stomach filled with anxiety. He forced himself to calm down. He regulated his breathing and slowly, but surely, the knot in his stomach loosened

Temero startled him with the words "You'll be fighting Fifteen El" he just looked at the man. Temero walked away, presumably to inform others of who they would be sparring with.

A moment later, a girl approached him. "Hey, Sixteen... it's nice to meet you. And this might sound weird, but I feel like I've seen you before" He looked at her straight in the eye. "She does look vaguely familiar, though from where?

"Good to meet you too, fifteen." I hope

"We're supposed to fight, so... come at me." She said

He was curious about this new power of his... However, he had no idea how to use it. It came suddenly, like some primal force guiding him.

"Reach inside yourself, it's just like using your arms, or legs"

I think I understand? Let's see... He reached deep inside and found the source of his power. It was like a bowl, filled to the brim with his power. Rēji was enveloped by shadow cloud. It dispersed, and when it did he was covered by transparent armor. The armor was transparent , but also made of a thick, shadow-like substance.

"Let's do this." He said, and took a step toward her.