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Will Xander
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Will stands at a height of 5'11". His hair is black as midnight, save for one tuft of it which he keeps dyed white for some unknown reason. He sports a lightly tanned skin complexion and piercing, cerulean-blue eyes as well. Will's body is somewhat slender in build. That is to say that he is not thin as a rail, however. His body is still somewhat toned with lean muscle, mostly attributed to his active lifestyle and hobby of swimming. Despite his somewhat pleasant and jovial demeanor, Will tends to dress a little bit more on the punkish-side. His clothes are usually somewhat worn, usually with various snags and snares in his pants and shirts. No matter what he wears, Will does not consider his outfit complete without his favorite, white hat and his earring. When traveling, Will carries his various trainer supplies in a black and red backpack. He sports a birthmark shaped like the constellation of Leo on the back of his left shoulder.


Will was born and raised in the Alola region, particularly living in the city of Hau'oli on Melemele Island. He is the only child of his family, his mother owning a rather fancy boutique located inside of the city's shopping mall, while his father makes his living as a police officer at the local precinct. One would think that Will grew up a bit spoiled during his childhood. Because his family was relatively well off, he was often gifted most anything a child could ever ask for. However, the boy was often very well behaved given his social status within the city. In fact, he spent most of his time away from his home and his personal belongings, choosing to enjoy time out under the beautiful Alolan sun. When he was not hanging out on the beach of Hau'oli City, the mall, or in the coffee shop of the Pokmon Center, Will could be found attending the local Pokmon Trainer's school. An astute student, Will often held very well grades within the academy.

That is not to say that Will's life was all sunshine and rainbows, however. The boy was often viewed by his peers under a very skewed light. Many of them often saw him as having a very easy life based on his family's success in life and his social status. In fact, many rumors even circled around that his success in school was due to the teachers of the academy trying to suck up to possibly earn various rewards and privileges that they otherwise may not have access too. Despite Will's rather laid back and easy-going attitude, it did not take too much longer before all that pressure and the rumors began to pile up, causing him to be filled with a great deal of stress. His parents seemed to notice this too, and tried their best to help him. At first, they tried to send him to various councilors. When that did not work, they did the worst thing imaginable and tired to give him gifts and more comforts in life. That too seemed to blow up in their face, often causing Will to become the target of more rumors and endure more talking behind his back. Eventually Will realized that if he was ever going to prove himself to this world, he would have to take matters into his own hands.

Upon his seventeenth birthday, Will decided that he would undergo the island challenge. With only a note to his parents, Will set off on his grand adventure, accompanied with only the bare essentials and his childhood friend, a Rockruff named Terra, by his side.


Will is a rather upbeat and positive thinker. He very rarely seems to be seen without a smile on his face, nor is he one to ever count himself down and out. Never to let anything worry him, Will approaches his problems with a calm and collected mindset. If anything, one could call Will determined. He never gives up once he sets his mind to accomplishing something, often determining that impossibility is nothing more than just an increased difficulty. A rather charming and smooth talker, Will is able to use more than battles to accomplish his goals. While not necessarily a practical strength, Will is quite skilled at playing the guitar. In fact, he can often be seen playing one during his downtime when trying to relax.


Will tends to be rather arrogant and full of himself at times. He tends to put himself above others, often underestimating those around him. While he does approach things calm and collected, Will seems to have trouble taking things seriously. He never seems to be without a quick joke or snide comment to make, and he never seems to have a problem letting these comments just slip from his mouth either. If Will had one weakness however, it would definitely be those of the opposite sex. When Will sees a woman that strikes his fancy, he will do everything in his power to try and charm and win them over to his side. Compliments, flirts, and nicknames of adoration, there is nothing that the young man is not willing to try. To make matters even more awkward, Will tends to ignore most males. He often deems them to be not even worth his time.

Starter Pokmon



Pound | Aqua Jet | Echoed Voice | Disarming Voice | Baby-Doll Eyes

Secondary Pokmon



Tackle | Leer | Howl | Bite | Rock Throw | Sand Attack