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Will definitely sign up! Give me a day's worth of time and I'll have an SU up by no later than tomorrow night (: Aiming for a Capricorn, but any starter will do for me.
All set and ready to go (:

Name: Prudence Flowers
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthmark symbol: Capricorn (Located on the dorsal/back area of her right hand)

Theme song: Lenka - Everything At Once



*The artwork belongs to its respective owner(s).*

Prudence carries a pale tan complexion that lets her emerald green eyes leap out, like gems buried in sand. Freckles dot underneath her eyes, marks she had always been proud to carry from her perished mother. Another trait she carries is her bright copper hair, puffy by nature and cascading down to her waist. Rarely does she play around with her hair, either loose to flow or tied up in a messy bun, small strings of hair flying about. Holding her hair above her left eye is a small, rose-colored bow. She stands at 5' 3", weighing in at around 120 pounds.

Her white v-neck shirt proudly lets the small bloody-heart insignia stand out, where a chest pocket would normally rest. Its short sleeves contrast with the white, a solid ashy gray. Dividing her shirt and white shorts that manage to cover just past her knees is her gray belt. Ending her outfit are her red slippers that match both her insignia and bow.

History: Nothing much can be said that's out of the ordinary. She had a comfortable life, oldest out of a family of six, responsibility, parents adored her, had dreams to become a trainer (albeit much later than she had planned), and there she went to venture off into the unknown, something her parents couldn't do. So... they gave her a good amount of money, helped her settle in the luxurious-sounding islands, and constantly keep in touch with her.

Strengths: Prudence is an outgoing character who is willing to start up a chat with anybody in her close vicinity. Because of this, she feels most comfortable in an area where people are around, or Pokmon at the very least. nothing wrong with chatting off an essay to them, right? . Very open with what she talks about, she is also quirky and not afraid to thread on opinions opposite from her own.

Some ambition runs in her veins, giving her the ability to continue persevering despite the obstacles that may stand in her way. However, she also carries a realistic mindset, which tends to stop her when the odds are highly stacked against her favor. As a result, she isnt what you would call a dreamer, for she tends to make goals and decisions that dont appear like fantasies. Tying nicely to this trait is her patience, which rarely has been broken... other than the occasional fly she is unable to swat with her hands.

Weaknesses: While she may be social and willing to accept anyone as a comrade, that doesnt mean shes easy to decipher. How she acts and what comes out of her mouth contradicts with her thoughts. This was a result of her idea that harming or ill intentions could be kept shut inside her, slowly festering for her to release as she pleases on an unsuspecting object.

Prudence is a clumsy woman who is oblivious to her surroundings. Because of taking everything literally, she may not notice sarcasm or hidden innuendos, later leading to misunderstanding and misinterpretations. She is also clingy and jealous, the former of which she isnt afraid to show, while the latter is kept locked away for nobody to see. The habit of hiding doesnt end there, for it also extends to her negative emotions. Afraid for others to see her at her worst, she tends to prefer releasing negative emotions, whether frustration of depression, on her own. This leads to her wearing a false mask of positivity when around company.

She also carries a complacent personality, able to settle for anything. This stems from her idea that her situation could carry more defects, thus why she may be stubborn to change in fear of making it worse.

Species: Mudkip
Nickname: Skipper
Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Mud-Slap, Foresight, Ice Beam (TM)