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I'm in! Took me awhile, but I chose Rowlet and my secondary is undecided yet. I'll get the signup sheet in ASAP.
(Still in Progress....)
Ok, im ready to start!

Name: Haruhi Greenwood
Nickname: Haru
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthmark symbol: Aquarius

Appearance: Haru's height is average for an 18 year old. Her hair is dark brown and becomes wavy near the end. It reaches to her hips from the back and front to her bosoms. Her bangs end near her mouth with a little curve at the end and another bang covers her forehead and curves to her right, above her right eye. Her eyes are forest green and her skin is a tad bit darker than normal. Her clothes consist of a white blouse, sleeveless light blue jean jacket, semi-short jeans(end at her knees), grayish leggings(end below her knees), and light blue and white sneakers. She tends to carry around her black and light green shoulder bag with her everywhere she goes. On her right wrist is two bead bracelets, one light green and another yellow. Her hairband is light blue with a white and light blue bow etched to the right side. Her zodiac birthmark is located on the back of her left hand.

For the picture, credit goes to Natx-chan at natx-chan.deviantart.com

History: She was born on Heahea City, Akala Island, into a family of richies. Ever since she was young, Haru loved to be with pokemon. One problem was her parents, they were very strict and didn't allow her to go out. One day, while her parents were away, she snuck out and ran into the forest nearby. There, she came across a Shiny Zorua that she befriended and played around with. The minutes passed, then turned to hours, and she never noticed until police appeared behind them, calling into his walkie-talkie about her whereabouts. After that, her parents became stricter and rarely left the house to watch her. Years later, she was forced to move in with her grandparents after her parents kept having to go on long business trips. Her grandparents lived on Poni Island, so that's where she went, saddened about her lost friend. Only her grandmother was there, her grandfather was out exploring. When he returned, suprisingly, he brought her a pokemon, knowing about how strict her parents were and didn't allow her to make friends. It happened to be the Zorua she befriended, which her grandfather found unique as it was rare to the region, it was a shiny, wasn't afraid to get closer like other pokemon, and he sensed a unique feeling from it. From then on, Haru and the Zorua, nicknamed Zoey, were rarely ever apart.

Strengths: Haru's caring nature has her helping others even in the worst conditions, putting others above herself. When having to choose between the Pokemon's or her injuries, she'll always go for the former, no matter the complaints. Thanks to her cheerfulness, she tends to try and brighten the atmosphere whenever it's negative, for not even a gloomy storm can bring down her smile. Instead she'll just laugh it off and suggest playing in the rain. People may think she's childish under it all, but she can be smart and serious in an instant. If someone bullies her friends or Pokemon, she'll waste no time snaping at them. If it's an adult, she'll still snap. If it's a richie, she'll do it. No matter the person or their relations, even if it's a pokemon, she'll brave up. When she's not cheerful, she's becomes bashful, her shy nature coming out. Most of the time, you'll see her more bashful than cheerful, but she has her hyper moments.

Weaknesses: Her caring and cheerfulness can't prevent her clumsiness, which has her falling a lot. The positivity outside doesn't reflect what's on the inside, her head swarming with negative thoughts about herself, and the one time her cheerfulness is long gone. In addition, Haru is a worrywart, constantly worrying about her friends, so she tends to go overboard with the questions. She is also too stubborn to let others help her as to not worry them. She tends to be naive and gullible, as well as pretty shy of strangers.

Main Starter Pokemon
Species: Rowlet
Nickname: Robin
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Moveset: Leaf age - Peck - Ominous Wind - Astonish - Razor Leaf

Secondary Pokemon
Species: Zorua
Nickname: Zoey
Gender: Female
Ability: Illusion
Moveset: Scratch - Pursuit - Fake Tears - Shadow Ball