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Just gonna drop this WIP and return to suffering over finals. Smol cinnamon roll is complete!
Name: Ruby Marin

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Birthmark symbol: Taurus

Appearance: Ruby is a petite girl, standing at 48 and being slightly underweight for someone of her height. She keeps her shoulder-length red hair tied back in two pigtails, leaving some of it down to brush her shoulders. Her skin is pale and refuses to tan no matter how much time she spends outside (not that she spends much time outside in the first place), and her cheeks are often flushed due to embarrassment. Ruby is very girly, and tends to wear pastel colors and clothes with lots of frills. She almost always wears heeled sandals to make herself taller.

History: Ruby was born and raised in Alola, the youngest of three siblings. She lived a sheltered life due to her parents overprotectiveness, and was homeschooled by tutors all her life since she could never build up the courage to object to her parents strictness like her brother and sister. She grew up underneath her mothers strict thumb and only left on the Island Trial challenge when her sister practically kicked her out of the house, giving her one of her Pokemon for protection.

Strengths: Ruby is extremely knowledgeable about caring for Pokemon due to growing up surrounded by Pokemon. She tends to spend more time with them than people, and is able to tell if a Pokemon is distressed. She's nice to the few people who take the time to befriend her. Shes incredibly patient and has never lost her temper with anyone, having been taught that young ladies should keep a calm temperament no matter what.

Weaknesses: Ruby is extremely naive, and tends to trust people far too easily. Her kindness often leads to people using her for their own gain. She has very little self confidence and considers herself useless. She has little experience talking to people outside of her family, and will either blush in embarrassment and stutter when confronted or run away in panic. She has an intense fear of being alone and always has at least one Pokemon outside of its Pokeball as company. Ruby is also scared of the dark and carries around a flashlight in case of emergencies.

Main Starter Pokemon: Chikorita
Nickname: Jessy
Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, Poison Powder, Synthesis, Sunny Day (TM)

Secondary Pokemon: Minccino
Nickname: Tiny
Moveset: Baby-Doll Eyes, Tickle, Double Slap, Helping Hand, Encore, Iron Tail (Egg)
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