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Name / Robin Layton
Gender / Male
Age / 17
Birthmark Symbol / Libra

?? Though his appearance may say otherwise, Robin is really born a male. His hair tumbles down to his waist, straight with a slight of wave when he moves, colored strawberry blonde with eyes as bright as blue like the sky above. His body is slender, sun-kissed skin with features as delicate, resembling a doll. His height stands at 5'0ft, right on the short meter which doesn't help when his looks are already deceiving.

Birthmark is located on his left shoulder, hidden beneath the sleeves he wears. As for his outfit, Robin wears a short sleeve jean blouse, brown khaki shorts and finally, water-proof hiking boots. The bag he's using is a one sling backpack. Additionally, there are times where he ties his hair into a high ponytail, leaving his bangs and short strands. His voice is low and soft-spoken, no evidence of being a male even in his voice. The only evidence covered up in clothes. All in all, one can absolutely say he has a cute appearance. (P.S. He's not delicate as he looks.)


On Akala Island, located on a part of the island, Robin is born with only his mother present. His father meanwhile, traveled around the globe only returning every once in a blue moon. His mother did not mind, they weren't quite the close of a couple they are. She was content with Robin as her only companion in their home and her soon-to-be 'play doll'. Which happened after a few years.

Since the age of three, she had bought clothes that clearly were meant for females to wear and so he was dressed up and continued to be. Robin had thought it was the norm until it was not when he was sent to elementary school only to be teased by his male classmates all the while the females and adult women cooed at his chubby feminine image.

Though he had approached his mom into changing him back to what his gender needed in the first place: that is, boy clothes, he acquiesced at the sight of his mom pouting at him. Robin could not go against her, weak as his willpower is compared to hers. His father, when he was at home, was frankly in the same plate as he is. He ended up growing up a female, instead of a boyish boy.

Before his journey began however, his father had told him of stories when he was present. Stories of olds. Legends. One of the story is about his birthmark, that he was not the only one. Perhaps that is why his mother insists on him wearing sleeves? To cover it up? Robin did not want that, however. He preferred to stay out of spotlight, the fame. He only had one dream: to be chosen a kahuna by the island guardians.

And at the age of 17, he officially stepped out of his safe haven to travel around the world. Sightseeing, learning and to grasp what he wanted to be. For now, he'll need experience and the only thing that can happen is by becoming a trainer.


His strength lies in his peaceful personality. Robin is kind and would love to help you if you are in need. (Provided that he can.) He carries a soothing aura, known to be gentle, one you can approach and is quick to make friends. (Possibly.) There's a slight cheeriness in his steps, light and free. Patient and understanding, he isn't one to do unnecessary violence. He can be a quick thinker. Charming and caring, he's a someone you can count on. You may not be able to lie to him, his innocent expectant expression might make you crumble! If you want a cheer, you can bet on him to support you. Don't be surprise if his stamina surpasses yours or that he can be strong, he's been hitting on the gym to prove he can be manly. (The results? Unsuccessful.)


He hates being alone, worse yet: un-needed when he has the capacity to be helpful. There are moments where he's indecisive, unsure what to do and what his end decision would be. Robin can also be persuaded to change his mind in simple things if he's really unsure; not knowing what he'll choose. When he's down, he pretty much mopes for a long while and should be left alone, he'll just mumble pitiful things if approached and comforted. Robin also struggles in being a boy, quickly reverting to being feminine. Mostly before he has a chance to show that he's really male.


Species / Cyndaquil
Nickname / Nelius
Moveset / Leer, Tackle, Smokescreen, Ember, Quick Attack, Dig (TM)


Species / Mareanie
Nickname / Lissette
Moveset / Poison Sting, Peck, Bite, Toxic Spikes, Sludge Bomb (TM)