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Aloha friends, it's about time I start accepting!

Will Xander
Accepted! He does look really cool~ Do you have any plans and a direction for Will?

Prudence Flowers
She's adorable~ Accepted!

Provided that you promise to remain active with the guidelines, yeah? You don't have that many posts, so, I'm just concerned about that. o:

Chira La'Lua
Cuuuute! Accepted! Do you think you'll enjoy RPing as this character? Got a sub-plot for her?

Haruhi Greenwood
Accepted! Though same deal with OrbitalPudding - you don't have that much posts; will you promise to remain active?

Jordan Wray
The History looks fine; accepted! She looks awesomeeeee.

Orpheus Ejemo
Nice! Accepted! Can't wait for what you plan to do with your character. c:

Benny Emmett
I never knew you were into Journey RPs, but Benny looks cool! Accepted!

Well I know you, so, you'll be as active as you can be, yeah? Lemme know if anything comes up!

For the rest of you, we're starting Friday! Have your SUs done as soon as you can~