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Thanks for the first impression! If briney suddenly vanishes then please tell me, I really need some more info on that bug!

I've been patching from a us rom (U) but it should work on both since the patch doesn't change any of the stuff that differs between the two

I've just done another big ol patch, notes are
-lot of redone movesets for safari zone mons, horsea, ekans, skitty, poliwag line, and some more, e.g. wynaut gets bide at level 5
-Added some more tutorial text for the floor 2 puzzle in victory road
-Added a sneaky a f ice puzzle on floor 3 of victory road
-Fixed the weird stuff with the trade centre because emerald is emotionally unstable
-might just have fixed the blackout in birch's lab, the event now only occurs once birch is out of his lab
-steven now forces briney appear when you give him the letter
-poliwhirl evolves via moon/water stone
-the egg in lavaridge now hatches into a togepi instead bc wynaut is already pretty common
Its really awesome your so committed to updating your hack regularly but personally I hope it ends soon once all the major bugs have finally been ironed out and the last needed changes are made. I really want to come back and start a new game but only if its like THE final version. I don't like playing what I notice are fully completed hacks only to find out they keep getting major updates beyond it.

Not a complaint at all, I do 100% fully support your hack and any required updates you feel needs to happen after all!