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Posted May 22nd, 2019
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Name: Isbel Ogden
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Crest: Knowledge
Bio: Isbel grew up in a nice family. Her parents were scientists, so she was usually brought along with them to their lab. She was shown advanced science from a young age, and was very intrigued, so she went to learn all that she could about it. That lead to leaning about... well, everything. She was usually picked on at school for being a "nerd", but she quickly figured out how to deal with it. And by that I mean she learned how to become quick to anger. Everytime someone tried to pick on her, she would immediatly start fighting them. This lead her to not have any friends and for all the bullies at school to anger her just so she could get in trouble. She was surprised when a letter arrived to ask her about travelling the region when she was 10, but she grabbed onto it immediately, looking forward to learning about the world with first-hand experience.
Fav. Color: Orange
Choose Digimon: Chicomon and Dodomon
Choose Starter Pokemon: Shinx and Solosis
Pokemon Ability: Intimidate(Shinx) and Magic Guard(Solosis)