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    Originally Posted by DiamondBlueMoon View Post
    Um... First of all, this hack looks promising. Congratulation on your 1000th download!
    Secondly, may I ask you a few questions:
    _ How many DW Pokemons are there in this hack exactly?
    _ Can you make a list of pokemon and where to find them?
    _ Some buildings are little bit "rough", if you can fix that, that'll be great!
    _ Can you add some common breeding moves to each pokemon, cause there learn set somehow is little, and sometimes a bit useless (like Vulpix, not its best)
    _ How far can this beta 3 go?
    Thank you for answering and keep on developing :)
    1. As of the most recent beta you can download, there is two, Politoed with Drizzle and Ninetales with Drought, only found with in-game trades. However, I'm changing the Girafarig for Seadra trade to give a Seadra with Damp instead of a normal Seadra, and I've added a new trade, Bellsprout for a Onix with Sand Stream. I plan to make it so every trade kills two birds with one you the trade-evolved pokemon, as well as rare Dream World stuff.

    2. Perhaps when I finish, I can't be asked to do that now.

    3. Example?

    4. I have not altered any movesets from their original Gen III counterparts, so I believe that their movesets are reasonable. If it's good enough for Game Freak, it's good enough for me.

    5. The entire first region is included in Beta 3. I release a new beta every 3 gyms.

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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