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Realistically, it wouldn't.

It doesn't matter who is victorious in Syria - The US is going to get screwed either way.

Both sides are supported by differing Terrorist orginizations. The government by Hezbollah and the Rebels by Al-Quaeda.

The US is spitting on the graves of the victims of 9/11 and all the soldiers who gave their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq by supporting the Rebels. That we are giving support to a Terrorist group who has attacked us in the past and continues to plan more attacks is a insult to them all.

Oh well. We can consdier the war on terror over at this point - Afterall, how can the US claim to be fighting Terrorists when we are supporting one of the largest collections of Terrorists in existance?

Edit - If anything, it will benefit China. Once this little trainwreck gets going, they are going to be sitting back laughing their asses off at the other nations bickering. Oh and, just like in Iraq, they would rapidly snap up any resources that could be made avaliable when the conflict dies down.
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