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    Originally Posted by Powerserge View Post
    Do political leaders EVER learn from history? Have they even taken high school history classes at all? I mean come on.....this is so humiliating.

    America, STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS IF YOU AREN'T GONNA ACTUALLY HELP THEM LONGTERM! I wouldn't mind if they were giving diplomatic aid to start with, and then helping the rebels with peace talks, but this is textbook American ridiculousness. Assad is a murderer of his own people, and his regime has committed so many atrocities during this entire civil war, and yet America comes in NOW to supposedly help. This is truly a lose-lose situation, because Assad is just going to step up his massacring of civilians to counter the increased firepower of the rebels. Not to mention that America's toxic relationship with the Middle East has just become even worse.....
    Its not only that, but who says we should support the rebels at all they are just as bad.. hell they had an article about one of the rebel leaders eating a heart.. really? Neither side is worth supporting, and if the rebels do win then what? you're gonna let your country be ran by a bunch of farmers/herders/boys/ the whole situation smells really bad and I don't think we shouldn't step into the mess(pun intended)...

    If we wanted to do something our time had come and past for that, now we just gotta sit back n let them handle it.. perhaps one of their neighbors could lend support instead of people always looking to the US we have our own problems that need to be dealt with..
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