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    Episode 34: Chu Times Two

    "Woo-hoo!" Ash's excited cry rang through the air as he led Dawn and Brock down a bike trail. "This is just like the Cycling Road at home!"

    "I know, right?" Brock called back.

    [Whee!] Tintri squeaked as Ash weaved around a corner, enthralled by the trees and forest racing by.

    [This is fun!] Kori agreed as the group broke single file formation long enough to discuss their next move.

    "Doing okay, Hinata?" Brock asked the Vulpix peeking out of the basket on his bike.

    [Very much.] Hinata smiled as she stretched, then fanned out her six tails. [This Cycling Road is more a scenic trail than the long drop at home.]

    Brock smiled in agreement, then retrieved his guidebook. " that Ash has the Forest Badge, Dawn can compete in her next Contest. As Zoey told us before, that's in Hearthome City."

    "You think Cycling Road goes all the way there?" Ash asked. "The views here are awesome!"

    "Actually, this Cycling Road ends at the town before Hearthome, so we can't ride all the way there." Brock replied.

    "Besides, these bikes are rental bikes anyway." Dawn added as she took a moment to readjust the metallic blue bike helmet she was wearing.

    A rumble in the distance got her attention. "That sounded like thunder..."

    "Is it okay if I can lead for a while?" Brock asked. "There should be a Pokémon Center up ahead, so let's get back in single file and be on our way before a storm hits."

    "Lead the way, Brock." Ash smiled as the group set off again.


    "There it is..." Brock pointed out a familiar red roofed building by the trail.

    Ash noticed that the lights in the building were off. "You sure this Pokemon Center is open?" he asked as he chained his bike to a bike rack.

    "I'm sure." Brock replied. "It's very rare for one to close down, and rarer still if it happens without notice."

    "Okay..." Ash replied as the group made their way up the path.

    As the door whirred open, Ash called "Hello, anyone here?" into the lobby, wincing at all the boxes, paper, trash, and other junk cluttering the floor.

    [You'd think they'd do a better job keeping clean...] Tintri agreed.

    Ash spotted a Chansey arriving with a bucket and mop. " you know where Nurse Joy is?"

    The Chansey sighed. [She's outside, in the yard. But good luck getting through to her...]

    "That's odd, normally Nurse Joy is a happy and pleasant person to be around..." Dawn mused as she led the way out a back door into a yard. Nurse Joy was sitting against a tree, sighing as she looked out on the trail and the ominous clouds.

    "Is everything okay?" Dawn asked as the group approached. "I'm Dawn, and these two are my companions, Ash and Brock."

    Nurse Joy sighed again. "I hope you'll forgive the state of the Pokemon Center. Ever since the Cycling Road opened, people zoom right past it. I've wondered if I should even keep it open at all..."

    "So, no one ever wants to stop here because they're too excited to see the entire Cycling Road in one trip?" Brock asked to make sure he heard Nurse Joy correctly.

    Nurse Joy nodded to confirm Brock's suspicions, tears shining in her eyes. "I've worked so hard to build this Pokémon Center, but why do I continue maintaining a place no one ever stops at? All my hard work's been forgotten. Maybe this place is better off forgotten...forgotten by the whole world."

    "That's not true." Brock assured Nurse Joy as he started off towards his guitar case. "Maybe a song will cheer you up?"

    Ash noticed that a mysterious blob was moving around in Brock's bag. "Is there something in there that should be moving?"

    Piqued, Brock found the pocket the bulge was located in and unzipped it. He balked when a Pichu wearing an elegant red hat with a white plume and matching red cape emerged. [Hi!]

    "Tarina?" Brock gasped when he recognized the Pichu. "How did you get here?"

    [Simple--you left that pocket open, so I climbed inside.] Tarina replied.

    Brock weighed the pros and the cons of punishing Tarina. On the one hand, I was expecting her to stay home. But I did leave that pocket open for her to climb inside, so I share some of the blame too...

    A smile formed on his face. Since he had left the pocket open to begin with, Tarina's journey wasn't worth punishing. " can come with us, but the next journey I go on, you can come if you ask first, okay?"

    [Yay!] Tarina cheered as she hurried to hug Tintri.

    Dawn, meanwhile, read up on the tiny mouse Pokemon as she watched Tarina and Tintri embrace:

    "Pichu, the tiny mouse Pokemon. Despite its small size, it can zap even adult humans. However, if it does so, it also surprises itself."

    "Thankfully, Tarina's getting better at holding her power, thanks to training and effort." Brock grinned.

    Dawn felt a wet spot on her arm as more thunder rumbled. "We need to get inside, it's starting to rain."

    "Let's go inside, Tarina--then we'll look you over and clean you up." Brock assured Tarina as Ash led the way inside.


    "Okay, Tarina...let's get you a bath. You probably have gunk all over you from being in Brock's bag for so long." Ash smiled at the Pichu patiently sitting on the exam table.

    He looked through the cabinets in the exam room for something to use as a Pichu sized tub. "This okay?" he asked, showing Brock a large bowl.

    "That works fine." Brock replied. "Next we need some warm water and plenty of clean towels."

    "Ow!" Ash yelped as Dawn arrived with some towels. "I need to cool that down a bit." he admitted as he added some cold water. "Brock would never forgive me if I burned Tarina."

    Nurse Joy, meanwhile, examined Tarina's ears to finish a general exam. "Okay...both of them are clean and healthy."

    She reported to Brock. "Whatever you do to care for Tarina, keep doing it. Her vitals are great, energy levels are perfect, and she's none the worse for wear."

    "Your bath's ready, Tarina!" Dawn called.

    [Coming!] After hanging up her cloak and hat on the hooks by the exam table, Tarina jumped in the tub with a splish.

    "Come here, sweetie..." Brock coaxed as Tarina paddled up to him.

    [Who's the girl with you guys?] Tarina asked.

    "That is Dawn--she is a coordinator like May." Brock replied as he started lathering soap in Tarina's fur.

    Inspired, Dawn heaved all her Poke Balls skyward. "You guys, I have someone for you to meet!"

    "And you guys!" Ash also heaved his other Poke Balls skyward.

    Brock noticed the crowd of Pokemon in the room. "Most of my team you know already, but I have a newcomer too."

    He then heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Kage, I have someone for you to meet!"

    [You called?] Kage asked as he materialized near the tub. [Who's this?]

    "This is Tarina--I adopted her after a gig back at home." Brock told Kage as he lathered Tarina's fur a little more.

    [You always did have a heart for the little ones, coach.] Kage smiled as Brock rinsed Tarina off.

    [Why does Kage call you 'coach'?] Tarina wondered.

    "He knows very well he is a part of a team, and the leader of a team is called a coach." Brock replied.

    He looked out at the crowd of Pokemon before the tub as Tarina shook off the excess water from her fur. "Why don't you guys introduce yourselves?" he told Dawn's Pokemon.

    [Hi, I'm Kori!] Kori chirped.

    [My name's Lola.] Lola smiled. [Nice to meet you!]

    [I'm Stormy!] Stormy chittered.

    [Kori...Lola...Stormy....and Dawn.] Tarina mused. [Did I get everyone right?]

    "You did." Dawn replied.

    Tarina giggled a little as Brock scritched her left ear. "Now it's time to meet the newcomers on Ash's team."

    [I'm Estrella.] Estrella began.

    [My name's Gaia.] Gaia smiled.

    [Hey there! I'm Diddy!] Diddy grinned.

    [I'm Tails--pleased to meet ya, little girl.] Tails smiled.

    "And you know me and Tintri." Ash smiled as Tarina hopped out of the tub.

    [Gaia...Tails...Diddy...Estre-yah?] Tarina asked. She looked up to Brock to make sure she had pronounced Estrella correctly.

    "That's right." Brock replied as he dried Tarina off. "Two L's are pronounced like a Y in Spanish, remember?"

    "Something Ash tends to forget." Dawn smiled.

    Ash took Dawn's comment in stride. "You got everyone--and of course, you know me and Tintri!"

    "Here you go..." Brock gave Tarina her hat and cloak, then addressed Nurse Joy. "Because of you, Tarina was found safe."

    Nurse Joy blushed a little. "Oh no, I should be thanking you..."

    [It's lunchtime--I'm sure our guests are hungry.] the Chansey smiled as she rubbed Nurse Joy's back.

    [Yay! I'm starved!] Tarina led the way down the hall to the dining area.

    "You don't have to worry about Tarina--she has no known food allergies, and is very open to trying new things." Brock assured Nurse Joy.


    "Here we are--what I like to call the Kindergartener's Charcuterie." Brock smiled as he set a plate before Tarina. "It's ham, turkey, and roast beef slices, some cheese cubes, and some Berries. Tarina prefers to call it the 'everything plate'."

    "So far, I've got two Badges, Dawn has a ribbon, and Brock earned a jewel in the Fantasy Stage." Ash explained. "They're not real jewels--just plastic trinkets."

    [What's a Fantasy Stage?] Tarina asked as she bit into a Leppa Berry.

    "A Fantasy Stage is a competition for musicians and storytellers, only you also get to dress up." Dawn explained.

    "Yeah--all the competitors wear beautiful minstrel costumes, in keeping with the 'fantasy' part." Brock explained. "I'll show you my costume later."

    "Speaking of costumes..." Nurse Joy smiled as she delivered plates of meatloaf to the others. "Tarina resembles a red mage from 'Final Fantasy' in her hat and cloak."

    "Well, Tarina sees herself as a hero, so not long after I adopted her, I bought her those at a summer festival." Brock explained. "She apparently had had a hat and cloak like it, but they had been lost somewhere. She almost never takes them off, except for bath time and bedtime."

    "She looks very much like a hero." Dawn smiled before offering Tarina a bite of her meatloaf.

    [Mm...] Tarina smiled before returning to her half finished "everything plate".

    She looked outside to see that the skies had cleared. [The rain stopped! Can we go play outside?]

    "We'll go play after we finish lunch, okay?" Brock assured Tarina between bites of his own food.


    [So, what kinds of games do you like, Tarina?] Tails asked as the group's Pokemon huddled outside some time later.

    [I do like a good game of hide and seek...] Tarina replied. [That okay with everyone?]

    [YEAH!!!] the other Pokemon cheered.

    [What's the highest number you can count to?] Gaia asked.

    [A hundred should be plenty of time for everyone to hide, but I can go higher, if you like.] Tarina replied.

    [A hundred's fine by me.] Kage grinned. Diddy nodded in agreement.

    All the Pokemon scrambled to find a hiding place as Tarina started counting. [One...two...three...]


    [...ninety-seven...ninety-eight...ninety-nine...a hundred! Ready or not, here I come!] tarina's tiny voice rang across the yard some time later.

    She grinned when she saw Tintri's tail peeking from a bush. [Ah-ha!]

    [Okay, you found me.] Tintri smiled as he emerged from the bush.

    Tarina next spotted Kori in a flower pot. [Found you!]

    [You're good at this.] Kori giggled.

    Neither Tintri or Kori expected a mechanical arm to grab Tarina! [What in the...?] Kori gasped.

    Ash hurried into the yard and gasped when he found Mars and Jupiter looking back at him from a hovercraft. "Where is Tarina?" he demanded.

    "Oh, this little red mage rat?" Mars smirked as she held Tarina up for Ash to see, Tarina wailing in fear all the while.

    "We plan to use her energy to bring about Team Galactic's new world, thank you." Jupiter explained.

    Ash growled as the other Pokemon emerged from their hiding places. "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!"

    "Noctis, use Poison Sting!" Jupiter called, sending both the humans and the Pokemon scrambling for cover from the poisonous barbs as they flew away...


    "...I told Tintri to use Thunderbolt, but Jupiter told Noctis to use Poison Sting. That bought them time to get away." Ash finished explaining what had happened to Brock some time later.

    He whistled for Estrella. "Estrella, think you can find Tarina?"

    [The admins went to the north, so I'll start there.] Estrella replied as she soared away.

    Nurse Joy burst into tears. "I am so sorry your little one was taken from you! This is all my fault...admit it, I'm a failure, aren't I?" she asked Brock between sobs.

    "No, you're not." Brock replied as he watched several wounded and sick Pokemon emerge from the brush. "Even if no one ever comes here, the forest Pokémon need you too. You play an important role in making sure they survive."

    A weak smile formed on Nurse Joy's face. "You're right. I could ask any of the Pokemon rescues in the area if I could help provide medical care free of charge."

    "That's the spirit!" Brock smiled as he administered an Antidote to a sick Bidoof. "All Pokémon need you to take care of them."

    "Really?" Nurse Joy smiled. "You're right--I've been so hung up on the lack of human traffic, I forgot that my main service is to the Pokemon."

    She hugged Brock. "Thanks you...for helping me rediscover why I became a nurse to start with."

    Brock was about to answer when he spotted Estrella. "Where's Tarina?" he asked.

    [Follow me--their hideout's to the northwest, in the forest!] Estrella called.

    "I'm coming, Tarina!" Brock called as the group hurried after Estrella.


    "Come on, give Auntie Jupiter a smile!" Jupiter pleaded as the admins struggled through the brush with Tarina.

    Her look of feigned happiness turned to anger as Tarina stuck out her tongue at her. "Ooh...didn't your master teach you to respect your elders?" she snapped as she found a rock. "I oughta--!"

    "Jupiter!" Mars pleaded. "We may be crooks, but even crooks have to have standards. "What would Lord Cyrus say if he found out we had hurt an innocent Pokemon? Red mage rat is only bait for Hat-boy and pals..."

    Tarina snapped to attention when she saw Ash and the others burst into the clearing. [I knew you guys would come save me!]

    "Your're not getting away with a Pichu found in my Pokémon Center!" Nurse Joy demanded. "Give her back to her rightful owner! NOW!"

    Jupiter sneered, and summoned Noctis. "Noctis, use Fury Swipes!"

    "Chiyu, use Egg Bomb!" Nurse Joy commanded her Chansey.

    Mars winced at the exploding eggs that sent Noctis flying backwards. "Leona, Bite the little rat!" she commanded as she summoned Leona.

    "Be brave, Tarina!" Brock called, aware of the Purugly running for Tarina. "Here's your chance to be the hero you've always wanted to be!"

    Tarina nodded, took a deep breath, and sang Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo.... The attack knocked Leona to the ground with a flurry of leaves and green sound waves.

    "A different Disarming Voice!" Dawn mused as Noctis charged at Tarina, his claws glowing with dark energy.

    "Since Tarina belongs to Brock, his Heart Song is her Disarming Voice." Ash explained as Tarina used Iron Tail to batter Leona even more.

    Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo... Tarina sang again. Noctis went stumbling back from more leaves and soundwaves.

    "Noctis, try Venoshock!" Jupiter called. "Let's finish this!"

    [Not today, Space-meanie!] Tarina grinned. With that, she charged a huge yellow beam, sending the admins and their Pokemon flying.

    Brock arrived soon afterwards. "Nicely done, Tarina. You're not hurt or tired, are you?"

    [Nope!] Tarina smiled. [I could've gone a few more rounds if I wanted to.]

    "I'm impressed. How is Tarina so powerful for a Pokemon her size?" Dawn asked as Brock and Tarina embraced.

    "Great things sometimes come in small packages." Brock replied as Tarina climbed onto his shoulder. "And Tarina's quite the package."

    He smiled when he saw Tarina had climbed on his shoulder, as if mimicking Tintri. "Okay, you can ride on my shoulder too."

    [I'm so ready to see what this place has to offer!] Tarina smiled.

    "Let's go back to the Pokemon Center and rest first--it's getting late." Dawn assured Tarina, pointing out the setting sun as the group returned to the Pokemon Center.


    "Windows are done!" Dawn reported as she and the Chansey cleaned up the foyer and the windows the next morning.

    "I could use a little more soap over here." Brock requested from the other end of the room. "I'm letting Tarina wash the very bottom, since she can reach it."

    "Floor's done!" Ash smiled as Nurse Joy arrived in the now clean foyer. He wrung out the mop one last time, then went to dispose of his used water.

    "The good news is, the Pokémon you guys left with me are feeling much better." Nurse Joy reported. "There are a few that need another day of care, but most of them are ready to return to the wild."

    "Remember, even if there aren't many people coming, someone still needs a Pokémon Center to go to." Brock reminded Nurse Joy as he watched Tarina scrub a smudge on the last window.

    "Thank you..." Nurse Joy smiled. "You've all been a big help, but you also helped me remember that my skill is needed somewhere."

    "Anytime." Ash replied as he inspected Tarina's work. "We'll drop by any time we are in the area."

    Tarina whispered something to Brock, making him smile. "Okay...I think a sing-along is a great reward for a job well done."

    Once Brock had settled in and tuned up, the others gathered around as he started a hopeful melody. I'll walk in the rain by your side...
    I'll cling to the warmth of your hand...

    To Be Continued...
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