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    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    Hopefully they do remake them. Though there sure are a lot of Gen III Pokemon in B2W2 as stated by other above...not even Sinnoh had this many Johto Pokemon...nor their legends...kind of gets my hopes down.
    This kinda kills the hopes for it too though. The other remakes didn't have many of their region's Pokemon in the generation game that they were made to compliment. There weren't many Kanto in Hoenn and there weren't many Johto in Sinnoh. There is a large number of Hoenn Pokemon in B/W/B2/W2.

    We are missing just the main legends from Hoenn in B2W2 as the Regis and the Lati are both in it. Though seeing as you can get the Weather trio in HG/SS they may or may not make an appearance.

    Most of the new hints are double-edged. Take Hoenn's participation in the WPT. You could focus on them as a tie in to a remake, but the WPT is basically just the Battle Frontier of B2W2. Its not part of the bigger picture for the game seeing as the first time you enter when its Mandatory you ONLY face random trainers in a Fixed fight scenario. WPT is just some bonus feature for the Fans and holds very little in way of hinting.

    There still isn't even a solid hint yet like Bill's involvement with Lanette or Jasmine appearing in D/P/Pt after the final badge.

    I'm still sayin it'll come out Gen 6 for the 3DS.