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    Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
    Maylene would have been cool. Since she's a good character and she has a lot of room for character development.

    I on't know if this counts but I'd liked to have seen meowth ACTUALLY leave Team Rocket and join Ash etc... He would make an interesting addition and the interactions with TR would be interesting.

    Stephan might have been cool, but he is basically another Ash.

    It would be cool watching Ash forced to travel with Paul, since they grew that respect there would be a lot of room for development. Gary would be cool but they aren't really rivals any more since he became a professor and gets along so well with Ash now.
    I meant before character development. Paul before the end of DP and douchey Gary. Really original series Ash and Gary would've been lulzy together. I agree that NowGary wouldn't really have room to go anywhere.

    I like the conflict that would arise between Paul and Ash. Though, Paul at the end of DP would be interesting to see.
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