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    Originally Posted by Xcisor View Post
    Was unaware of the function before hand, thanks again.

    Follow up and FINAL question, any way to change the "ROAMING POKEMON" in Fire Red? Aka Raikou, Entei Suicune based on which starter you chose? Wanted to change it to a Ho-oh if at all possible.

    EDIT: I Know that the event for roaming is triggered by special 0x129 and that is checks var 0x4031 to see which of the three will roam, but I can't seem to be able to pinpoint where and what numbers I need to change in the hex editor to make it Ho-oh!
    If you use JPAN's engine, he created special to completely let you create swarms and roaming pokes. Here is a snippet from his guide:

    Special 0x56 – Swarm-roaming Pokémon changer

    Receives Arguments? YES.
    Variable 0x8004 has a long key:
    0 to 0x3fff: faced as pokemon number
    0x4000-> 0x8015: faced as pokemon number IN the variable stored in 0x8004
    0x8000-> 0xfffc: not defined
    0xfffd-> specific pokemon stored at a pointer kept in two variables, 0x8008 0x8009. I already explained how that worked before
    0xfffe-> specific pokemon stored at a pointer, that must be placed by hand in 0x0203f488
    0xffff-> specific pokemon stored at the LoadPointer location
    Variable 0x8005 has the chances of appearance
    Those chances are calculated by number of pokémon in 65536 encounters
    0x0 means as rare as a shiny
    0x7fff is 50% chance
    0xffff means always. No chance of non-appearance
    Variable 0x8006 is the quantity
    0x1 means the pokémon will only appear once, 0x2 two times… until 255 appearences(0xff)
    0x0 means unlimited appearances. Recommended for Swarm-like events
    Variable 0x8007 lower half is the location, and the upper half is the level the pokémon is found in. Used to avoid “underwater Charizard”-like scenarios.
    First 4 bits of the word are the location values. 0x0 does the same as 0xf, that is, the pokémon is found anywhere you want.
    Bit 0 = grass
    Bit 1 = surfing
    Bit 2 = tree\rock-smash
    Bit 3 = fishing
    So 0x9 (1001b) would mean that the pokémon is found on grass and by fishing
    The upper half is the level of a roaming pokémon. For instance, if you want a lv. 80 pokémon in the wild grass only, use setvar 0x8007 0x5001
    Returns values? No

    All of those make anyone be put off by this code, but don’t be. This code is one of the most useful in this entire hack. Basically, it lets you create two types of events that everyone missed in Fire Red: Swarms and Roaming Legendaries.
    I know the Legendary dogs roamed Kanto, but I didn’t know how so I made up my version. Basically, this code replaces one normal wild pokémon and places on its stead one we really want to appear. You can only replace the level for Roaming codes, that is, only for the ones in that 0x8006 = 1. For swarms, however, you cannot. That is the pokémon there will always be at the area’s level. But the level problem can be solved easily with something I will talk at the bottom.
    You might have noticed that the variable 0x8004 key has something interesting near the bottom: The ability to load predefined pokémon. They must be at a full 100 bytes, but that way you can fight specific pokémon you pre-selected, just like Pal-park on the DS versions. That opens the window for a number of possibilities, such as having to bring a specific pokémon to someone, like a runaway pokémon, complete with that NPC’s OTID and Name.
    Also 0xfffe makes you input the pokémon by hand. If you never used this code before, most likely you will be surprised by a very well trained ?????????. Use, as always, writebytetooffset to prevent that disaster.

    Special 0x57 – Swarm-roam Pokémon canceller

    Receives Arguments? No.

    Returns values? No

    Cleans all, including the pokémon.

    Now, if you just want these parts of his engine, and not the rest, download v1.1 from the end of this thread. In it, there will be a patch, and a program. The program is what you need. It is in folder "Hack Tool". This program will allow you to apply each of his hacks individually, so just check the boxes you want, click apply, and then click save and it will ask you where to save the new rom. Remember, he also included a .doc file that serves as a guide to every hack he made, and then some. I learned a lot about hacking just from reading it, nevermind how to use his engine specifically.

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