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Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
I'm basing it off what you've put in this thread, yes, which is a few lines about the pillars, essentially. You've tagged it as an [Idea], so why post the thread if you aren't going to tell us about it? It's not as if the game is here to play so we can learn about it for ourselves. As I thought I said in my first message, I feel like this thread has been posted too early. There's nothing to comment on.

And, Peeky, if there are screenshots, there's something tangible about the game to comment on. I didn't mean to offend anyone. It's just frustrating when there's an idea that's clearly had a lot of thought put into it, and all you actually post is a few paragraphs of things we've seen before.
Like I said, the rest is up to you to speculate until you see some screens. It is tagged as an [Idea] because of the rules limitations. I like people to cognitively speculate on story rather than mindlessly gawk at screens, however I understand that people like visual candy, it is a matter of finding balance for both and for that reason, I have not posted an initial starting screen for anyone.

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