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Originally Posted by Firestorm. View Post
So is this continuing from your progress on pokémon lost legends or is this a completely scratch project?
Scratch. I have carried over Linden and Kelly from the project though, and for the sake of fun, Linden is from the region of Koen, which you will only hear about in plot just for kicks :)


Pretty sure i also fixed the white on white issue, sorry about that. Let me know if you are still having issues seeing the layout.

Developed by ЩѻƦḽᶑʂḽдƴƹƦ™ for RMXP


Welcome to the Development Corner. In this section, you will find little blogs about the development process behind the game. With each official update, this section will be updated with official screenshots or development screenshots and a little information about what is and has gone on while developing certain parts of Pillars of Destiny.

Return on Investment

It is not easy coming up with a flow of design that avoids diminishing returns. Often times, an idea will start out broad and when execution begins it often will start funneling into a more refined and precise idea. While well laid out ideas are what we want, they can often times stifle a lot of the creativity that led to such an idea in the first place. So where to we find the balance?

When Pillars of Destiny started to take fruition, I had an idea of what I wanted things to look like and how I wanted the player to be able to interact with every bit of surrounding. As development began, the idea was beginning to dither. The main issue with developing a highly interactive environment was that in order for my original idea to work, the world had to be a free form world where players could go wherever and do whatever without many restriction. Pillars of Destiny is a Pokemon fan game and the play-style has to match that and that is how I wanted it to be. So with a free form world out of the design window it was time to figure out how to allos the player to interact and explore without things feeling out of place.

The easiest place to start is with NPC's and that is by no means a secret. Pillars of Destiny allows the player to interact with many people who encourage exploration and quest based rewards. they may not be your dungeon delving or slashing expeditions, but they help the player discover new locations, solve challenging puzzles and reward them by doing so.

Meet Lenny, he runs a little fruit stand out of his mobile home which is parked just outside of Ashvale. Normally he is delighted to show off his merchandise and make a deal, but right now, he has lost not only his motivation to sell but also his cool glass of Lemonade. While setting up shop for the morning, he has misplaced his beverage and if you would be so kind as to find it for him he would greatly appreciate it.

NPC's are a nice, convenient way to give a player a return on their investment though the use of little favors and quests which offer rewards for the player. While it is probably one of the more generic ways to do it, it is efficient and sometimes fairly amusing.

The most rewarding approach to working with Pillars of Destiny is finding new ways to provide a return on player investments!

Development Team
Project Coordinator: Worldslayer
Script Lead:
Event Lead: Worldslayer

Graphic Team
Spriters / Pixel Artists:Worldslayer
Tilesetter: Worldslayer
Mapper: Worldslayer

Sound Team

System:Maruno, Poccil & Flameguru for their starter kit.
Graphics: Dewitty, Minorthreat, Alucus, Kyledove, PrinceLegendario, Erma96, Pokemoneclipse, BoOmxBiG, teaddiction, niknaks93, Light-PA, Lotusking, Tyranitardark, SirAzria.
Special Thanks: Cilerba, Chesu, F.M.P, Wichu, ~JV~, The Calis Projects Team, Abnegation, Murcurysky and everyone who supports this game.


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