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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    You probably need to create a variable to put the damage number and put a update method in 'def pbGraphicsUpdate', something like:
    if @damagenumber!=0
      do animation
      @damagenumber=0 if animation ended
    I made a guide that show how simple scenes works in essentials I can't link here to others forums, so I can't post links to RGSS tutorials. Try to find on google. Note that to you make this damage pop up effect you needs a certain experience with programming.

    For question 1: Yes! I only pasted a code that I made to my game a long time ago to HP bar speeds up.
    Well maybe in the future I will do it. As of now I have no idea where I would start or what to do. I did a Google search for the tutorial found some right away. I wasn't sure what the coding was called so that why I could not find any before.

    I am curious would it be more simple to have the damage show on the HP bar? For example: The bar would shake and show the damage that was done.

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