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    Originally Posted by Gonz0 View Post
    There are no new egg moves, Syster :D So it's not that bad that you can't RNG breed.

    You're always welcome here, as everybody :B

    /join #tradecorner !!!

    The process is exactly the same, but this time you can have up to 15 timer0s per second. It's recommended to use DS Lite/Classic because you can get right results much easier.

    Mac and I will be finally restarting the Club, we're not sure about the concept yet, but it will be soon so have your eyes opened :D it! I'll try that. Expect some RNG abused Pokemon later on from me! Right after I find a Sweet Scenter...and do I really have to be at Victory Road? Because I'm plainly at Driftveil City as of now...And you'd be opening the club again? Great! Let's see if the challenges will be there again! About that...will the current challenge that was never taken out be done again? You know, that's my thought. It's a good idea for it to become the first one, I mean...seriously. But still...just Curious. curious, but...what IS the difference of doing it in DS Original/Lite than DSi(XL)/3DS(XL), you know, excluding the whole time thing? (About that bit...later on, say I got some target time of 6:35:34, so for me, I might just have to press as 6:35:33, is that what the difference was about?)
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