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Originally Posted by Murt93 View Post
sorry to be another noob but IV breeding naturally is frustrating me and someone directed me here
3 questions to try and keep it simple I still reading through the 4th gen guide :/
1. Is it easier to RNG in DPPT or HGSS
2. Is it easier to RNG eggs or wild pokes
3.there are requirements for SS near the start
all three roamers released and NOT caught ( I caught suicune :( )
and I don't know my SID but the good news is I havent caught the red gyarados
Does the fact that I caught suicune matter because I don't want to star a new game? after that I think I can meet all the requirements easily I just have to trade over someone with pokerus from another game and I should be good to go so some feedback would be appreciated as I literally just found out what RNG abuse was like 10minutes ago :L
1. It is easier to RNG in HGSS, especially for RNGing eggs since there are not a lot of npcs (about 2 if I am correct).
2. I would say eggs. For eggs, you can RNG in any combination of TID/SID and you can get your baby mons to learn egg moves. For wild mons, if you want it to be shiny and has a flawless IVs, you will need to RNG your TID/SID, start a new game and play it through again which will take you a lot of time.
3. Suicune is a stationary pokemon, not a roamer so it would not matter if you caught it already. The only down side is that you cannot RNG the IVs of that Suicune. The three roamers the guide you read mention are Entei, Raikou, and Latios/Latias. For the SID, I would go with RingoH's answer from previous post.