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Thanks a lot Domin-8. Your review was really encouraging. I agree. Dorumon is amazing. Credit goes to Strikit for the description of Lynxmon.

EDIT: Added a crucial scene I can't believe I missed and changed Renamon's evolution.

Chapter 3: Not Dead Ghosts

Blair resisted the urge to smack him. It was difficult. “How about we go back, and, oh I dunno, get your shoulder checked!”

“I wish you would stop worrying Blair. I’m alright.” His tone, which had been level only seconds before, now held a hint of impatience.

“She should worry,” Liollmon snorted. He sat on his haunches, expression haughty and cold. “If that wound had been anywhere vital, you would have been worse than useless.”

“Yeah man,” Sean agreed, smirking. “A team needs a leader. And even the most reckless ones know when to back down. Besides…” He glanced at Kiri, who was spinning the blade between her fingers. “I have a feeling that the answers won’t be handed to us on a silver platter. It’s stupid but we have to muddle through this sort of thing on our own.” The group shared a moment of silence.

“So, are we going or not?” Blair asked impatiently. Jonathan sighed and nodded, starting to stand up again. Wormmon bounced to his side, firing a light silk to be wrapped around his limb. They began to trek back, quiet and contemplative.

Then Jonathan asked, “Sean what did you mean about muddling earlier?” It had sounded almost sage-like, unusual for a boy who was a cheerful moron.

For some reason Kiri snickered, sharing a smile with Renamon. “He just watches too much anime.”

Sean pouted at her. “So what? It’s educational television! You don’t get mad at Luca for watching it!”

“Yes,” she replied mildly. “But Luca manages to know when there is truth in it and not.”

He rolled his eyes. “Oh come on. You and I both know that this is turning out like some kid’s fantasy of being flung into another reality.”

“True,” she agreed. “But anime has a happy ending.” Sean sighed. He really couldn’t argue with that. Liollmon snorted derisively while Dorumon looked between them in innocent confusion.

By this point they had reached the Digiport. Reflexively, they let themselves be pulled through.


For a moment, the park was actually pretty peaceful. But of course, all good things came to an end. Worse, Kiri’s cell phone went off. Sean glanced up lazily, seeing his best friend glanced at the screen. He frowned as her eyes narrowed and she beckoned Luca over. Jonathan watched from a distance, Wormmon curled up gently in his lap. He rubbed his shoulder reflexively. It seemed passing through the Digital World back here had at least healed it a little. Good, his mother wouldn’t have a heart attack.

“Hello?” Her voice was very quiet and calm, forcefully so. Well of course they call, Sean thought darkly. Damn. “Hi Mom, Dad. Are you home? Yeah he’s here. Do you want to talk to him? Dad, don’t. I really don’t want to have this argument right now.” Sean rolled his eyes toward Luca, who looked visibly upset. He knows too. God, what great parenting skills they have. “I wish you would trust me a little more. That’s not what I mean. I’ve been doing this for years. I’m not one of your unreliable employees. You imply that every time we talk to each other.” He saw her clench a fist. “Look I’m gonna let Luca say hi okay? No, I’m not in the mood to argue about it. Bye Dad.” She lowered the phone and passed it to her cousin, who gave her a wary look. She nodded and turned away as he started cheerily chatting.

“Nice parents you have there,” Sean commented.

She shrugged. “They’re what I’ve got. Besides it’s mostly Dad.” She glanced at her watch and picked up her partner. “We should go. It’ll be dark soon.” Sean grinned, plopping Dorimon on his head.

Blair snorted. “Subtle.”

There was a laugh. “I’m already weird, so I might as well make use of it, ne Dorimon?” The little Digimon bounced eagerly. Luca closed the cell phone and handed it back to his cousin, his smile fading into anxiety. Sean immediately took the lead, bounding ahead with all the energy of a rubber ball. The pair trailed after him. For a moment, Kiri paused and turned to glance at Jonathan.

“Be gentle with your shoulder,” she ordered casually before leaving. Viximon waved her tail in farewell. Jonathan watched for a moment then gave a quiet smile.

“Are you leaving for school Kiri?” Kiriko turned from where she was hefting her bokuto over her shoulders. Her mother was standing there, a black-haired woman with a permanently pale visage, legs weakly trembling. Her arm rested carefully on the kitchen counter. She was forty-three but Reiko Ryutori had always looked much older to her daughter’s eyes.

“Mom what are you doing?” she exclaimed, rushing to her side. She quickly moved to her side, leading her mother back to her chair. “You’re sick, you shouldn’t be up! You don’t…” You don’t have much time left. The words were in her throat but Kiri swallowed them. Her mother gave a wan smile, a stranger’s smile. My mother is a stranger. It was a disturbing thought.

“Yes I know what I am,” she assured her daughter. “Your brother was much the same over it, you know. Always worrying helplessly over my declining health. I’m not sure which one of you frets more.” Kiriko winced at the mention of her sibling.

“Dad doesn’t seem to,” she muttered slightly bitterly. Reiko smiled again.

“Why should he? You do it for him.” The teen flushed gently.

“Mom…” Her mother reached out and gave her a weak embrace. Kiri could almost feel her mother’s muscles wasting away. Less than two years, the doctors said. Dad works her like a slave, so I bet it’s less now. Mom… I don’t even know who you are… yet you’re going to leave me and take Dad with you. I wonder if that’s a good thing. Is it a good thing I’ll be alone?

“Off you go now. Take care of your cousin. We probably won’t be here when you get home.” As she said that, Luca came padding out of his room, hair fashionably messy and fully dressed.

“Right then.” Stepping away, Kiri ordered solemnly. “Please don’t forget your medicine Mom. I’ll see you guys when you come home.”

“Bye Auntie,” Luca said shyly.

“Don’t worry. Good luck you two. Take care.”


A brunette stood at the entrance to an apartment in Tamachii. Her rose quartz eyes were filled with anxiety and fear. I wish the others were here. Davis and Yolei could have cheered him up a lot better than I can. That wasn’t possible. Davis and TK were busy with sports, Yolei was working in her family’s store more than ever, and even Cody was busy taking care of his grandfather, whose age was starting to catch up with him.

The white feline in her arms, who had been staring at the door expectantly, asked. “Can we go in now Kari? Ken’s probably really worried about us.” The Child of Light sighed and nodded. Yet her legs remained locked in place. There’s so much darkness in this place, centering on Ken. I guess, even after returning to normal, the darkness still lingers.

Tentatively, she reached out to the door and knocked. It took a minute before Ken’s mother answered the door. Unlike the few times she had seen the woman, Mrs. Ichijouji looked as though the world had fallen back on her shoulders. Despite that, she managed her warm smile that immediately set the world at ease. Ken must have got it from her.

The woman clasped her hands together as she led her guest inside, saying, “Ken will be really pleased to see you I’m sure. Davis was just over yesterday.”

“How is he?” she asked warily, fearing the worst.

“He’s feeling better than yesterday, so that’s a good sign. People seem to be the best medicine right now.”

Ken wasn’t sick, per se, but he did have a fever and was incredibly exhausted, so most people considered him ill. Kari knew better. She could feel the evil struggling to claim him. Now that she was here, would it try to do the same to her?

As she mulled this over, Ken’s mother opened the door to her son’s room. Kari stepped warily through.

The room looked almost the exact same way as when she had last seen it, barring a few strewn things that obviously belonged to Davis. A part of her swelled with relief that the darkness had not seeped into the walls. She looked around, expecting a greeting. Then a quiet chuckle permeated her ears.

“Davis is really messy huh?” She smiled despite the dread coiling around in the pit of her stomach. His voice sounded so exhausted.

“Yeah, I bet you’re mom’s glad you’re not.”

Ken smiled again, still hidden in shadow by where he lay on his bed. “I bet she’s glad about many things.” A small green ball with a leaf on its head peeked out from under the covers. Its leaf was drooping and an almost nonexistent light was coming from its pacifier. He’s so sick Leafmon’s affected? Kari was filled with trepidation. To hide it, she made to shut the door. Ken shook his head, though she couldn’t see it.

“No, you can leave it open. It keeps the dark at bay a little.”

“So it is the Ocean that’s filling this place,” she surmised. Ken nodded, forcing himself to sit up and swing his legs over the mattress. “I wasn’t imagining things.”

“If not the Dark Ocean, then something with just as cruel of darkness is tainting this place. Because I’ve been there, because I’ve carried a piece of it, I can sense it.” He glanced at the black and grey Digivice sitting innocently on his computer table. Ken looked at her with frightening intensity. “And so can you.”

Kari released Gatomon, who crawled expertly up the bunk bed to sit next to Leafmon. As she sat, her eyes caught a flash of red against Ken’s neck. “Ken, your throat’s bleeding!” she exclaimed and panic immediately washed over her human partner.

But Ken did not panic, he seemed almost resigned. “I wish it was. It’s the Dark Spore, sapping my strength. It couldn’t turn me, so now it wants to kill me. Makes sense I suppose.”

“Is there any way we can help?” Kari asked

The Child of Kindness shook his head. “I don’t think so. We’d have to take it out, but who knows how we’d do that? No I think the best thing to do is talk to Tai and Davis and set up some patrols.”

Inexplicably, her shoulders sagged further, as though more invisible bricks were placed on her back “If only we could. The portal won’t open. Our partners are here but Agumon and the others are on the other side and we haven’t heard from them at all.”

Ken frowned pensively. “Davis didn’t mention that.”

“He was probably being considerate,” she supplied. Davis was rather dim, but he did understand people.

Ken was thoughtful for a moment more, then he said, “Well, we should at least pass this on so we can keep an eye on things.” He suddenly winced, placing a hand to his chest and Kari felt a brief surge of black, causing her to grab her head reflexively. Both breathed rapid gasps, feeling the choking hunger in their lungs. The taint was a greedy beast. After a few moments, it subsided. “Are you okay?” Ken asked. Leafmon was bouncing up and down agitatedly and Gatomon had climbed back down to her partner.

“I’m okay but I should be asking you that.” Kari straightened.

“You should go home,” Leafmon squeaked, the first thing he had said the entire time. “This is bad for you, worse than it is for Ken.”

Gatomon agreed, leaping to her arms. “He’s right, we should go.” Kari gave a reluctant, weak nod.

“See you soon?” Ken gave her a nod and wave as he rolled back into bed. His partner curled up at his side. Kari tiptoed out, leaving the door open just a crack. Waving goodbye, she reflected on how much less at ease she felt at now, but was still grateful that he was at least trying to stay healthy. She was jolted out of her reverie when Gatomon stiffened for an instant before leaping free of her and bolting ahead.

“Gatomon wait up!”

Wizardmon suppressed a sigh. Wandering through the streets of Tokyo was interesting enough, but he had been here before. Even when he was assisting Myotismon, he had still gotten a chance to see the sights. He almost wished he was a lower level so he could hide in the computer room like the others. But he supposed things would have to work out. He lounged under the tree, keeping as far away from electronics as possible. He didn’t want to disrupt any electricity, though that was hard in Japan. Suddenly, his nerves tingled. A digimon was here? An enemy? The confusion turned to delight and he whipped his head to look at her, that old friend, that irreplaceable ally. Gatomon!

Deep blue eyes pierced his, glowing with surprise and… happiness? It was quite possible. They were friends- no; we still are, he told himself- so it made sense, didn’t it? Gatomon was frozen there, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Kari stopped, barely panting, to scoop her partner up into her arms. She almost dropped her, the digimon like stone. Looking up, she saw why.

Wizardmon watched her closely. He truly did not know what to say. Granted he had expected to see them again, but not out in the open like this. Kari had grown, he realized. This wasn’t the little girl full of light that he remembered. There was darkness in her now, stronger than there had first been. She had seen and been through quite a lot in the past four years, the Digimon Emperor being only one of the things they had to worry about. He had been reconfiguring for so long after delivering his message, he wasn’t sure what had happened to them. Maybe now’s a good time to know.

“Wizardmon!” He whipped around. Blair was staring at him anxiously, impatiently tapping her foot. She did not notice the other Digidestined, Kari being hidden by the tree. “Come on! We’re already late. Stupid Jonathan’s gonna bite my head off.” Underneath his collar, Wizardmon couldn’t help but smile. Inclining his head toward his friends, he went to rejoin his partner. Seeing him coming, she turned and hurried away, back to the others. As he ran, he swore he heard Kari chasing him. She shouldn’t chase the past.

Kari stopped just at the park’s edge, this time panting heavily. She glimpsed the five of them, children and Digimon. They seemed so close to their Digimon already yet to each other, there was a distinct separation. As the light grew brighter, the youngest looked back at her, a little puffball with a tail and frill under its neck under his arm. The boy seemed to smile, as if saying; there are more of you now. Take a bow. There was also something else in his stance, something cruel. What use were you anyway?

When the light was gone, Kari picked up her phone from her pocket and dialed her brother’s number. Tai was quick, immediately the ever-worrying, paranoid older brother. But she cut through his status check with a simple, “Wizardmon’s back.”

The portal’s light vanished as the Digidestined appeared in the familiar forest. Jonathan swept dust off his pants. The others were watching him, looking expectant. “Shall we go then?” he asked, pointing towards the direction they had walked yesterday.

“Wait,” blurted Sean, causing everyone to glance at him. “Why don’t we all split up?” Blair immediately shot down his idea.

“Are you out of your mind idiot?” she snapped. “We have trouble defeating one enemy as a group. We’ll all get killed if we do that!”

“Wait, wait, hear me out!” Sean pleaded, raising his hands in defense. “Look we’re all gonna be with our partners right? Not to mention we’ll be in shouting distance. Besides, we need to cover more ground anyway. It’ll be fine.” Blair scowled. He had a point. Sean grinned at Jonathan. “That alright with you Fearless Leader?” Jonathan held back a smile. Sean had been calling him that since yesterday.

“That sounds plausible. We’ll meet back here in two hours, at latest.” Sean whooped and took off.

“Sweet! Come on guys, we’re gonna party!” He bolted away, Dorumon bouncing at his heels.

Kiri grinned at her cousin. “That settles that, doesn’t it? Some things never change.” They hurried after him.

Jonathan watched them go before offering a hand politely to Blair. “Coming?” Blair shook her head, heading off in another direction. Jonathan sighed and picked up Wormmon, heading down the original path he had planned on. Unbeknownst to him, a shadow lurked in the trees.

Sean bounded around with a happy grin, fleeing as always. Kiri sighed. “So, any particular reason you dragged us away from the others, aside from the enemies all over the area?”

Luca frowned. “Sean thinks we’re being targeted.” The taller boy groaned. How did he know?

Kiri gave a dismissive shrug. “Digidestined are always targeted. You’re always targeted, Little Joker.”

Sean scowled. “Don’t call me that Kiriko. It’s not right.”

“Neither is running away.”

He let out a low growl. “Kiriko, drop it.”

“You’re the one who brought it up.”

Luca whimpered. Whenever the two argued, it was more like they intended to murder each other. “You two, stop it.”

Kiri gave him a warm look. “Don’t worry, we aren’t fighting yet.”

Liollmon growled, “No but we’re about to be.”

Before they knew what had happened a gravelly roar had permeated their surroundings. What followed was a nightmare. A large feline stalked into clear view, needle sharp teeth bared and a fiercely predatory stare affixed to them. Its scarlet body stood out against the horizon, even more so due to the flames that originated from its fur. They thickened around the neck like a mane, making it look even more like a killer cat. Black tipped ears flicked back and forth, obviously pinpointing them, while it flexed large claws. There was no doubt in its mind that it would tear them to shreds and enjoy them for dinner.

“That’s a Lynxmon,” analyzed Renamon, fur fluffed up and ice blue eyes glinting with hostility. “It’s a Champion with attacks Thermal Mane and Wild Nail Claws.

Sean couldn’t help it. He gave a maniacal laugh. “Is that all? I thought that we were going to face a challenge today!” The happy grin became sinister. “Enjoy your last fight ‘cause I certainly will enjoy watching you die!”

Kiri sighed. And so it starts. I wonder how long it takes before we all go crazy. She smiled lightly. Oh wait, it’s too late for us.


“Izzy!” The slam of a fist on his front door caused the red-haired teen to jump and swivel around in his chair. He had been in the middle of doing his homework. Recognizing the voice of Tai Kamiya, he quickly minimized the screen and went to open the door. Mom would have had a fit if she were home.

“Tai, we’re great friends and all, but please, I must ask you to refrain from breaking my front door. Mom would strangle us all.” Tai gave a wide, sheepish grin. Behind him, Kari was shaking her head in a mixture of amusement and exasperation. Izzy hurriedly stepped aside for them to come in. They waited outside his room as he locked the door.

“So what was so important that you couldn’t have warned me before coming over?”

It was Kari who replied, “Wizardmon’s been reconfigured. He has a partner.”

Tai looked at her accusingly as Izzy nearly fell out of his computer chair in surprise. “You didn’t tell me he had a partner.” Kari had the courtesy to flush slightly.

“Sorry Tai,” she mumbled in embarrassment. “I kind of forgot. Him being alive was enough to mess with me.” Gatomon agreed.

“Wizardmon’s alive…” Izzy muttered thoughtfully. “That’s strange because it shouldn’t be possible.”

“Why not?” Tai inquired. He had a feeling this wasn’t simply a technology issue.

“It’s because he died in the human world,” Gatomon thought aloud. Izzy nodded.

“Exactly. Unfortunate news as it was, Gennai once said to me that Digimon that died in the human world could not come back. Their data was corrupted when it converted into an organic lifeform in this world. It couldn’t turn back into data. Like what happened to us when we went to the Digital World, when we converted to data. Gennai mentioned the possibility of us being able to regenerate as well.”

Tai huffed, crossing his arms. “That’d have been nice to know.”

“Evidently, there’s too low of a probability on it for us to place our faith in, otherwise he would have mentioned it before now. It’s likely with this knowledge; we would have gotten more reckless and made foolish decisions. Still, my question remains unanswered. Why, or how, did Wizardmon reconfigure?”

“He had a partner, which explains the why,” pondered Gatomon. “And where there’s one Digidestined…”

“There are others,” Kari finished. “I saw them using the Digiport on their computer. One of them looked at me.” She shuddered suddenly.

“Kari what is it?” Tai felt his overprotective instincts start to take over. She shook her head quietly, eyes dark.

“It was like, he knew who I was, he knew what I was, and that, for some reason, he absolutely hated me.”

“How old was he?”

“He was just a kid,” she exclaimed, tightening her grip on Gatomon, who winced. “It was just a kid… who’s fallen into the Dark Ocean.”

Tai whipped out his cell phone. “Get Ken on Skype and call the others,” he ordered Izzy. “They need to know.”

Dorumon roared, “Dash Metal!” He slashed into Lynxmon’s flank, causing it to ooze crimson mixed with flame. Lynxmon’s growl was muffled as it sank its teeth into Dorumon’s left leg. Sean snarled, rushing at him.

“Let go of my Digimon, you bastard!” he hollered. The feline obeyed, only to turn and attack.

“Thermal Mane!” The fire rushed towards him. Liollmon yanked the boy out of the way by the back of his shirt, causing his hair to be singed and a burn on Liollmon’s left side.

“Idiot!” the cub screamed at him through the fabric. “Don’t jump at a Digimon that’s on fire!”

“Less talking, more killing,” quipped Kiri, who had leapt back.

“Easier said than done,” muttered Sean.

Renamon launched a Diamond Storm, slicing more wounds. Unfortunately, the Digimon moved ever closer, as though the wounds didn’t exist. Suddenly all the fighters froze. Lynxmon let out a snarl of delight and for the first time, spoke.

“He comes. My leader will put an end to this game.”

Liollmon’s hackles rose even further, fur fluffing to twice its size as he ran to Luca’s side. The ten year old didn’t know why, but he felt terror, a deeper fear than the Lynxmon had caused. There was also a cruelty and a fury that didn’t belong to him, a ghost trying to steal his soul.

Out came a black bipedal dragon with four tattered crimson wings. He flexed his large claws and stared at the group through an eyeless visor. A small smirk rested on the dragon’s face. Lynxmon inclined his head politely. “Cyberdramon. He is an Ultimate level with the attacks Desolation Claw and Cyber Nail. If you couldn’t even beat me, what chance do you have against my leader?”

Sean ground his teeth. “Plenty,” he snapped, moving to help Dorumon. Lynxmon fired a Thermal Flame at his feet, knocking him over and burning his arm. Sean hissed in pain. Then he gave a raspy laugh. “Man, Sis was right. Fire hurts like hell.” Kiri stared for a second in horror, then felt fury, that familiar crimson veil covering her eyes. She gripped her bokuto tightly then stood, running at Cyberdramon of all opponents.

“Idiot!” Sean yelled. “Haven’t you learned not to rush at Ultimate levels?” Renamon hurried after her, slashing a Power Paw at his chest, opening a small but slightly deep wound. She was knocked away, but quick to bounce back.

Cyberdramon spoke, his voice incredibly calm for his species. “A child with spunk, how interesting.” Serenely, he yanked her into the air. “I suppose that will change once I smash your head in won’t it?” Kiri snarled, the hate still pounding adrenaline in her veins. She slashed downward, smashing the wooden blade into splinters over his head. He continued to stare up at her, evidently amused.

Realizing she was helpless now, she gave a wild laugh. “Go ahead and rip me in two if you dare! Choke me! Erase me! I won’t die! I’ll come back a monster, over and over. I’ll take on every last one of you bastards with me to hell! Just try and end my life!” Still Cyberdramon analyzed her, searching for a distinct something.

Sean looked around anxiously to glimpse Lynxmon standing there smugly. Bastard. He saw Liollmon prowling over, blue eyes fixed on his unsuspecting opponent. What is Luca making him do? The boy was staring at Lynxmon, just staring. Yet Sean, for the first time, could feel darkness emanating from the child. Wait, it wasn't the first time. When...? Wasn’t watching those two enough buddy? Didn’t those two dying bother you at all? No, it had, but this was different. Luca would not lose anyone else, even if his heart was destroyed at the cost.

Sean glanced at Dorumon and jerked his head slightly to the right, wincing as his burns tingled. Dorumon weakly lifted his head. “Metal Cannon!” It slammed into Cyberdramon’s vision, forcing him to drop Kiri, who coughed. Lynxmon roared and charged but not before Liollmon snarled.

“Critical Bite!” Liollmon tore through the feline’s neck and it dissolved into data, howling pitifully. Wiping the blood from his fangs with a paw, the cub smirked exhaustedly. “One down.” Luca flinched but steadied himself. It was going to happen more, he knew it. Eventually he would go numb. Eventually…

“And an Ultimate to go,” Renamon muttered.

Cyberdramon let out a quiet laugh. “You sound so unconfident Digidestined. True, Lynxmon was not anything to be proud of killing but you’d think after a victory you’d feel more… exhilarated, no?” Kiri had been stock-still. She started shaking. “No, you’re terrified aren’t you? Is being that close to death… horrifying?”

“Afraid?” She was still shaking, her eyes hidden. “No… you were right the first time. I’m so excited right now because…” She grinned widely, glowing D-Core clutched in her fingers. “I’ll see you dead. Digivolve Renamon!”

Renamon felt her body surge with energy as she was surrounded by data. “Understood. Renamon digivolve to…”

“What do you mean there could be a new Digimon Emperor?” spiky-haired Davis roared, surprisingly, at Kari. Kari winced at the noise and Gatomon’s ears were flat against her head in pain.

“Hey,” snapped Yolei, albeit a bit quieter for a change, hand twining one of her lavender strands. Poromon was in her lap, twitching “That is not what she said! Kari simply said the kid felt dark, not that he was building Dark Spires.” From the Skype connection, TK heard Ken cough, almost politely. They couldn’t see him very well because of the lack of light, but they could hear him. To the Child of Hope, it sounded like he was trying not to laugh or show some flash of remorse again.

“That doesn’t mean much,” retorted Davis. “No offense Kari. What if it was a Spore kid that got missed?”

“From what Oikawa said back then,” Cody piped up, hiding the flicker of sadness in his expression briefly as Upamon nuzzled his arm. “They would have grown into Dark Trees. They would be dead right now, or at the very least without a partner.”

“Whether they have a Dark Spore or not doesn’t mean they’re evil. Besides we can figure that out when we meet them,” Joe said mildly, adjusting his glasses as he continued to munch on a carrot stick from the bag he brought with. Mimi looked at them almost enviously, having missed lunch.

“I’m with Joe,” Matt added from where he was sitting on his guitar case, having rushed from practice to get there. “What’s more important is the fact that there are new Digidestined that we weren’t informed about, much less able to help them. Izzy, have you heard from Gennai at all?”

“No,” replied the computer genius, who was typing furiously on his laptop. “I’ve tried getting a hold of him but my message bounces back. Wherever he is, he sure doesn’t want contact.”

“Damn it!” Davis yelled. “What are we supposed to do? We can’t just sit here!” DemiVeemon agreed, bouncing up and down and punching the air eagerly.

“Unfortunately,” Ken suddenly began, shadowed expression wistful and afraid. “I think that’s all we’ll get to do.”

Youkomon!” A violet nine-tailed fox burst from the cocoon, crimson flames on the tips of its tails and paws. Around its neck was a red and white bow with gold covering. Without waiting, it introduced itself, “I am Youkomon, a Champion level Bewitching Beast Digimon. My Jaenryu and Homuradame attacks will burn you to ashes.”

“Nice going!” gasped Sean. Luca darted to Kiri’s side, wide eyes on the kitsune.

“Cool,” he whispered. Kiri said nothing, merely nodded.

Taking that as a signal, the fox leapt, spinning. “Jaenryu!” Slamming into Cyberdramon, the dragon grunted.

“Interesting,” he muttered. “Desolation Claw!” He fired at her, two blasts tearing chunks from her data. Youkomon growled.

“Looks like we can’t beat him yet,” muttered Sean, glancing at the two Rookies. If Youkomon got taken down, they were doomed. “What are we going to do?”

“We’re gonna…” Kiri panted. “Leave him… a parting gift… Youkomon!”

Homuradame!” The fireballs soared, slamming into Cyberdramon’s claws and halting his attack. Liollmon twitched from where he sat, ready to jump in front of Luca protectively. Then he calmed.

“The others are coming.” Hearing this, the Ultimate frowned.

“More pests? What a shame. It looks like we’ll have to continue this fight another time.” The enemy slashed a Cyber Nail at him, knocking Kyuubimon to the ground and forcing her to dedigivolve. He smirked. “I must say you humans are… interesting. Until next time.” He soared off. As Jonathan and Blair came into view, Kiri fell to her knees, completely drained.

“God damn,” Sean breathed. “We won the fight but lost the war. That isn’t how it works.”


Youkomon is, to put it simply, the virus version of Kyuubimon.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."