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Chapter 4: Needed Lessons

“I told you that you shouldn’t have left the group, didn’t I?” Blair almost shoved her face at Sean’s. “You’re lucky you reconfigured the Lynxmon’s data! Kiri’s lucky the Cyberdramon ran off!”

Jonathan spoke up. “Blair, that’s enough. Sean wasn’t to know the three of them were going to get ambushed by yet another Armour Digivolved Digimon. Kiri was lucky Renamon was able to Digivolve and, at the very least, weaken Cyberdramon. Give them a break, do you understand?”

Blair whirled on Jonathan. “You may be our leader, but you’ll never be my father. So don’t tell me what to do!”

“Blair, I...” Jonathan began, but was interrupted.

“My cousin’s the only person I have left who is close enough to be my father,” Blair almost growled. “It’s all Myotismon’s fault my parents are gone, and it’s his fault I have this!” She was bordering on fury as she madly pointed at the scar.

Jonathan tried again. “Blair, I know. But Kiri, Sean and Luca don’t. Please, give them a break. They’re not responsible for what Phantomon did.” He sighed. “At the very least, be kind to the three of them.”

Blair didn’t respond. Wizardmon looked into Jonathan’s eyes with admiration, he believed. The elf’s expression seemed to be saying “You revealed the past without letting on too much. Thank you.”

By this point in time, they had reached the DigiPort. Automatically, they let themselves be pulled through.


Following their return from the Digital World after a stressful double ambush from a Lynxmon and a Cyberdramon, the park was actually quite peaceful. But of course, all good things must come to an end. Surprisingly, Jonathan’s mobile started ringing. Blair glanced up curiously, seeing her neighbour peer at the screen. She frowned as his eyes narrowed at the obviously unfamiliar number.

“Hello?” His voice was hard and suspicious.

I wonder who it is, Blair thought darkly.

“Mimi Tachikawa? You’re one of Tai Kamiya’s team? How did you get my number? You heard someone talking about me and decided to look up the phone book? Umm, I can’t. I really don’t have time for this right now.” Blair rolled her eyes towards Kiri, who looked visibly intrigued.

She’s curious, too. God, she’s nosy, Blair grumbled mentally.

“Mimi, I don’t even know you. That’s not what I mean. The five of us only became Digi-Destined very recently. I’m not fine. You seem to think I am. Good bye.” Blair heard Jonathan’s voice get a hint of impatience as he terminated the call.

“It seems you have a girlfriend,” Blair commented.

He shrugged. “I don’t know about that.” He glanced at his watch and picked up his partner.

“We should go. It’ll be dark soon.” Sean grinned, plopping Dorimon on his head.

Blair snorted. “Subtle.”

There was a laugh. “I’m already weird, so I might as well make use of it, ne Dorimon?” The little Digimon bounced eagerly. Jonathan closed his mobile and put it back in his pocket. Sean immediately took the lead, bounding ahead with all the energy of a rubber ball. Luca and Kiri trailed after him. For a moment, Kiri paused and turned to glance at Jonathan.

“If this Mimi girl likes you, go easy on her,” she ordered casually before leaving. Jonathan watched for a moment and then gave a quiet smile.


Jonathan arrived back at his parents’ house to find a note taped to the front door. It read:

Dear Jonathan,

I fell sick earlier today and am unable to go to work tonight. Please come and see me as soon as you come home.



Oh no! This isn’t good, Jonathan thought, looking concerned. He ripped the note off the door, went inside quickly and headed straight for his mother’s room. “Mum? Mum, are you alright?” he called quietly.

“Jonathan, I caught a bout of influenza. Don’t come too close,” his mother whispered.

Jonathan clearly wanted to get closer to his mother, but had to heed his parent’s warning. “I hope you get better soon, Mum.”

“I’ll recover, don’t you worry. When I do, I’d like to talk to you about the insect you brought home a number of days ago.” Brianna responded.

Alarm bells rang in Jonathan’s mind, and he wisely stayed silent. I bet Mum wants to talk about how I obtained Wormmon. I’d also hazard a guess that she knows about the others’ Digimon partners as well. Maybe Bill did see Blair talking to Wizardmon, other than that I don’t know... What am I going to tell the others tomorrow? “Okay, I’m going to have some dinner now. Did you want me to bring something in to you?”

“No, it’s fine. Thanks anyway, dear,” Brianna answered.


Wizardmon took some air within what appeared to be his clothed chest. It was morning now and he found himself observing the vaguely familiar shops of the area. Wandering through the streets of Odaiba was interesting enough, but he had been here before. Even when he was assisting Myotismon, he had still gotten a chance to see the sights. He knew his In Training and Rookie levels were Tanemon and Palmon; he just longed to be like the others in the fact that they could hide in the computer room. But he supposed things would work out eventually. His thoughts turned his chance encounter with Gatomon the previous day. The haunted look she’d had on her face when his ghost disappeared on the four year anniversary of the Digi-Destined’s win over Myotismon, the happiness and surprise in her eyes when they met for the first time since the anniversary.

Wizardmon suspected that Tai’s team would offer their services to Jonathan’s group, especially after Kari and Gatomon witnessed his presence. He was, however, very concerned about the darkness in the Child of Light. A feminine voice broke into his thoughts at that moment. “How are you, old friend?”

The elf started slightly. “Gatomon?”

“I’m here, Wizardmon. It’s been so long,” the feline answered.

His eyes filled with longing and anxiety. Where is Kari? Gatomon never leaves her partner’s side. It seemed as though things had changed. Wizardmon’s left gloved hand reached towards Gatomon, despite the fact it was trembling.

Not shaky at all, Gatomon bravely grasped her friend’s hand in her right paw. “I can’t believe your reconfiguration took so long. Neither Kari nor I realized you were partnered with a Digi-Destined. When did it happen?”

There’s so much I want to tell you, Gatomon, but I can’t. I can’t reveal anything just yet, Wizardmon felt torn as he thought this. “Where is Kari, Gatomon? Your tail ring is missing. How did that happen?”

The white cat gestured behind her, saying: “Still at her Highton View Terrace apartment. She was talking with Tai before I left. My tail ring’s been lost for a while.”

It sounds like Tai’s already getting things under way. I’ll inform Jonathan when I go back, the elf reflected. He was about to reply when Gatomon swiftly disappeared.

“Wizardmon, where did you run off to?!” It was Blair. Wizardmon turned around. “Come on, we’re late! Jonathan’s waiting for us.”

She hadn’t seen Gatomon, which Wizardmon was thankful for. Smiling behind his collar, the elf rejoined his partner. Confirming he was coming, Blair turned and hurried back to the others. As the light from the DigiPort grew brighter, he looked towards the direction Gatomon had fled in. His eyes seemed to sparkle, as if saying: “I’ll be back, Gatomon. When I return, it will be the right time to tell you about my past.”

When the light had vanished, Gatomon’s eyes blinked from the bush she’d hidden herself in. She emerged, padding forward slowly. Glancing briefly between the spot where she last saw Wizardmon and the Highton View Terrace complex, she muttered: “Please don’t get killed again, old friend.”


The portal’s light vanished as the Digi-Destined appeared in the familiar area of File Island. Blair growled from the ground. “Get off me already, Jonathan!”

“Oh, calm down. You’re such a cynic,” Jonathan answered as he got off Blair.

“So, the Digi-Destined had the decency to show themselves to me?” An unfamiliar deep-sounding voice boomed.

At this, Kiri, Luca and Sean backed away from the speaker. The speaker was a very large black ox with red armour on his humanoid chest. He had a massive sword held by his left hand in a diagonal position over his chest.

“Mind telling us who you are?!” Blair snapped.

“I am Vajramon, one of the five uncorrupted Devas. There are twelve in all. I am also here to give you some well-needed lessons,” Vajramon replied.

“Wait, what? Devas? What the hell?!” Blair sounded angry and confused at the same time.

The ox laughed; it was a husky noise. “The Devas are celestial beings, based on the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. We were created by Zhuqiaomon, who is one of the five Digimon Sovereigns. Now, let’s get started. You were summoned to the Digital World by Gennai. He is one of the Watchers of this world and will help this team come together with the other two groups. Your purpose is to save the Digital World.” He turned to the others in Jonathan’s team. “Mihiramon wanted me to alert you five to the fact that Ultimate and Mega Digivolution is possible. Each of you will get a Crest-like object, with the Sovereigns’ special element imprinted on it.”

“Ultimate and Mega Digivolution?” Jonathan asked, a stunned expression on his face.

“A Crest?” Luca looked hopeful.

Vajramon nodded. “That’s correct on both accounts. I waited too long for the five of you, so I must go. I’ll be seeing you all again later on. If you have any questions, I’ll answer them when I return. Good bye, Digi-Destined.”

“Bye, Vajramon!” They called out to the ox.

Just as the ox Deva trotted off, a new figure lurked in the trees behind them.


Sean sprang around with a happy grin, after briefly separating from Jonathan and Blair. Kiri sighed. “So, any idea on what elements the Crest look-a-likes will have on them?”

Luca frowned. “I’m not sure. Why are we being targeted all the time, though?”

Kiri gave a dismissive shrug. “Digi-Destined are always targeted.”

Sean scowled. “It’s not right.”

“Are you still unsure of Jonathan?” Kiri questioned.

A low growl.

“Kiriko, drop it,” Sean responded.

“You’re the one who is worried,” Kiri replied.

Luca whimpered. “You two, stop it.”

Kiri gave him a warm look. “Don’t worry, we aren’t fighting yet.”

Liollmon growled, “No, but we’re about to be.”

Before they knew what had happened a low roar ripped through the air. What followed was a nightmare. A partial cyborg Digimon, also half reptile, appeared. His face was covered by a grey Digi-Chrome mask. The Digimon’s eyes were brown in colour. He had three horns, two on either side of his head and the third, a blade-like horn, at the bottom of the mask.

Jonathan and Blair heard the roar. They rushed over to the trio’s side. Blair looked between the new enemy and Sean. “Sean, what did I say?!” she yelled.

Jonathan immediately came to the defence of the younger teenager. “Don’t do this again, Blair.”

“You keep protecting them! Why?” she snapped.

“Because they don’t know as much as what we do,” Jonathan’s voice was level.
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