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Chapter 10: Gathering the Digi-Destined

Kari smiled. “You seem nice…” Then, suddenly, she closed her eyes. She began to glow and her eyes remained shut. Slowly, she took off her Crestless tag and held it up to the ceiling. It began to glow brighter than it ever had before.

“KARI!” Palmon and Nyaromon yelled, rushing towards her.

Suddenly, light engulfed the entire area. It would completely blind the children from seeing anything but each other. The lounge room seemed to disappear, as did the rest of the house. Then they all just seemed to fade away, disappearing into the light, barring Tai’s team.


They were in a very bright place. They could only see each other. Then again, there was probably nothing else to see.

“Where are we?” Jack asked, looking around.

“No idea…” Jonathan replied.

“In this world, there is a balance of light and dark,” Kari said. But her voice had changed. She sounded like a grown woman now instead of a teen. “The light represents all that’s good in the world, while the darkness represents all things evil. And when the darkness overpowers the light, it throws out the balance.”

Suddenly, darkness began to seep over them and engulfed the entire space until it was almost pitch-black.

“Who the hell turned off the lights?!” Blair yelled.

“Hey guys, look!” Yolei cried, pointing to something.

The image of a city faded into view. It looked like… Odaiba. Could it be possible? Were they actually home again? If they were, something strange was happening. Frozen in a huge spot-light and suspended in mid-air was Greymon and a Parrotmon.

“I’ve seen this before!” Jonathan exclaimed, pulling out his laptop. “That’s Parrotmon… he was the Digimon that most of us saw nine years ago.”

Kari walked up and stood beside Jonathan. “He passed through the dimensional divide. Years ago, a Digi Egg fell through a hole from our world to yours.”

Davis stared at her. “What the heck are you talking about, Kari?”

Nyaromon looked at him. “I think all your constant fighting drove her out of her mind.”

Palmon seemed to smile a bit at Nyaromon’s explanation. But he shook his head. “I think Kari is being used as a puppet. Someone is speaking through her.”

Jonathan nodded. “My thoughts exactly, Palmon.”

Kari nodded a bit. “My wish is for peace and light to reign over the worlds.”

Yolei stared at her curiously. “I’m confused. Are you like some… super-being or angel or something?”

Kari giggled. “No, no. Nothing like that. I’m similar to your Digimon friends. I’m made of data. But there’s a difference. We’re unable to take the form of a physical body. So, in order for me to speak to you I had to use Kari.”

“Why didn’t you use someone else?” Jonathan asked.

“I had to use Kari. I’m a being of Light, she had the Crest of Light,” Kari explained. “To be honest, I wanted to contact you when you first arrived. But I wasn’t allowed. Now, follow me.”

Suddenly they all rose into the air. Everyone but Palmon seemed a bit startled. They did as they instructed and followed her though the city. Giant spotlights shot down from the sky and focused on ten main points. They flew towards them.

Down on the ground in their pyjamas was Tai and Kari. The little Tai was hugging a very tiny Kari close. On the terraces of a building was little Joe, (who was on the phone) Mimi (who was wearing her little pink pyjamas), and Sora. In another building across the street was T.K. and Matt, who were smiling and apparently cheering. Little Izzy was staring up in awe, with Jonathan and Blair a few units away.

“That’s definitely us… but … what’s with the light?” Jonathan asked.

“It’s processing all of your information. Such as your blood type, your personality, things like that. But with your team, Jonathan, this had already happened when the five of you were born.” Kari explained.

“Why would it do that?” Blair snapped.

“Just follow me,” Kari said, flying up into the light.


Suddenly they were in the Primary Village.

“What are we doing here?” Cody asked.

Kari stepped in front of them. “We’re many years into the past. We can not be seen, heard, or felt in any way, shape or form. Now, watch what happens to that Digi Egg.” She pointed towards a black Egg with silver rings.

Suddenly, a darker version of Patamon and a darker version of Agumon came creeping up with a sack.

Jonathan quickly looked up who they were. “That’s a Tsukaimon and BlackAgumon. They’re the opposites of Patamon and Agumon.”

Kari nodded. “Very good. Now watch.”

Carefully, the BlackAgumon lifted up the black Egg. “Hmm… this one will do.” He tossed it into the sack along with five others.

Tsukaimon smirked. “There’s no way that he can’t say they’re too incompetent now… especially when he’ll be the one to have to raise this batch. If they come out screwy, it’ll be his fault…”

“What’re they doing?” T.K. demanded.

Palmon sighed sadly. “They’re going to sell them to a slave master.”

“Do you know who that Egg was?” Kari asked, turning to Palmon.

Palmon nodded. “It was mine. But why show us this?”

“Your friends deserve to know what exactly happened to you. If you hadn’t met Gatomon, both our world and the human world would have been destroyed. Now, let’s fast forward a bit to your childhood…” Kari explained.

Suddenly, they were in a house. There were five Digimon, cleaning and scrubbing away. Meanwhile, a huge gorilla-looking Digimon (who Jonathan identified as the Champion level Gorillamon) was lounging on chair.

“PALMON!” he roared.

The Digimon who were cleaning grimaced and exchanged fearful looks.

A Palmon with emerald green eyes scurried in. “Yes, Master?”

Gorillamon sat up. “Remember a week ago when Floramon broke that vase?”

“Y-Yes sir…” the Palmon said, not meeting his eyes.

“I was told you had something to do with it,” Gorillamon responded, glaring at him.

Palmon’s eyes widened. “I remember this… this is when…”

“You know the punishment for lying to me…” Gorillamon continued. “Guilmon, bring me the needle and thread.”

A Guilmon, who had been sweeping, looked at him. “But Master, he’s just a-”


Guilmon sighed sadly and left the room. He came back with a sewing needle and some thick, grey thread. He looked at the Palmon’s fearful eyes and exhaled again. “I'm so sorry…”

“We’ll have to close that little trap of yours so you don’t tell any more lies,” Gorillamon stated menacingly.

The scene faded and a new scene appeared before them. It was at night in a small room. Tattered old blankets were laid out on the floor as makeshift beds and a crate bore a single lit candle. The Guilmon was kneeling down on the floor beside the Palmon with a dagger. He slowly cut the thread and then moved back a bit.

A Floramon set a plate of bread and fruit down in front of him. “You poor, poor thing…”

Palmon stared at himself, who was now crying.

Yolei looked at Palmon sympathetically. “That’s you, isn’t it?”

Palmon nodded slowly.

“I’m leaving,” the Palmon gasped. “Tonight.”

Floramon knelt down beside him. "Palmon, it’s a big scary world out there. And-”

Palmon scowled. “I’m sick of it! The cooking, the cleaning, the getting yelled at, the beatings, everything! I’ve had it!”

The others stared at him sadly and left him alone to cry.

“So sad…” Kari sighed. “Let’s go back now…”

The scene faded and the sobs of the little Palmon faded with it.


They seemed to be in a lab, now. And it was empty.

“Where are we now?” Yolei asked.

Suddenly, T.K. ran over to a glassed container. On the last of three shelves were a bunch of Digi Eggs, all lined up in a row. Each was attached to a Digivice.

“Okay, this is getting weird,” Jack said, crossing his arms.

“Oh, and floating through the sky and going back and forth in time is normal?” Blair asked sarcastically.

Suddenly, a group of people walked in and began working the machines. Jack let out a yell and backed up against the glassed in area.

“Relax,” Kari said. “They can’t hurt us. And they couldn’t, even if they tried.”

Suddenly, Jonathan gasped and ran up to something. It was the ‘lock’ on the gate from Myotismon’s castle. It was right there, cards and all. In front of it was the gate that he had used to get from the Digital World to the human world. Izzy had told him about this.

Nyaromon touched it. “This is it alright… but what’s it doing here?”

Jack turned to Kari. “So… what’re those people doing?”

“They’re monitoring the positive and negative forces to preserve harmony,” Kari explained. “And the information we took from you was gathered into data. Which we made into the Digivices and Crests of Tai’s team.”

“So… you’re the one that chose them?” Jonathan asked.

Kari nodded. “One of the ones, at least.”

“What made them so special?” Blair growled.

“Tai and Kari made it possible for that Greymon to grow and Digivolve. It wouldn’t have happened without help from him and Kari,” Kari explained.

Jonathan stared at her. “But… he Digivolved without Tai, didn’t he?”

Kari shook her head. “No, that wasn't possible. A Digimon can’t Digivolve without you. The very fact that Tai AND Kari were there made it possible for him to Digivolve in order to protect them.”

“But how? They were just little kids and they didn't have a Digivice,” Jonathan looked confused.

“A Digivice is just a tool that is used to help the Digimon Digivolve at a much faster rate. Without it, the Digimon has to build up their strength and endurance to Digivolve. Like Gatomon and Wizardmon,” Kari explained. “The real thing that made the Digimon Digivolve was the qualities they all possessed. That’s what their Crests were. What were they?”

“Tai’s was Courage,” Jonathan said.

“And Sora’s was Love,” Yolei responded, smiling.

“Sincerity was Mimi’s,” Blair answered.

“Izzy’s was Knowledge,” Cody said, smiling.

“Reliability was Joe’s,” Jack replied.

T.K. grinned. “Mine was Hope!”

Davis stared blankly in front of him, before answering. “Matt’s was…”

“Friendship,” Jack finished for him.

Davis nodded slowly, before sighing sadly.

Kari nodded. “All of that is true. But there’s more to it. Every one of them had their strengths and weaknesses. We took their strongest quality and made it into a physical thing: a Crest. And if that trait was lost their Digimon might have become corrupted.”

“That happened! When Tai told us of how he threw himself in front of Greymon’s enemy to try and get him to Digivolve…” Jonathan said. “Boy, was that stupid…”

“At least he learned from it,” Palmon pointed out.

Davis walked to the glassed-in area and frowned. The others gathered around it as well.

“Well, we know why you chose Tai and Kari. But what about the rest of them?” Jonathan asked.

“When we examined the data, we concluded that they had something in common with Tai and Kari. But we’re not quite sure what it means. All we know is that they all proved themselves to be true protectors of the Digital World,” Kari explained.

T.K. set one hand on the glass. “Who do these belong to?”

Kari smiled. “Isn’t it obvious? They were the Digimon belonging to Tai’s team.”

The Digimon rushed forward to get a look at their predecessors. They identified the Eggs by the Crests that were attached to the Egg.

“This was Biyomon!” Hawkmon exclaimed, pointing to an Egg with hearts on it.

“And that was Gomamon!” Armadillomon cried, pointing to one with blue spots.

Palmon smiled and walked to Nyaromon’s side. She was staring at a light pink Egg with dark pink rings. “And this is you.”

Nyaromon smiled and nodded.

Kari nodded. “But sadly, someone caught onto our plans.”

Suddenly, the doors opened and Digimon marched in. The children screamed and began to run. Kari, however, stayed put.

“Save your breath. They can’t hurt us,” Kari said.

The Digimon attacked the beings, who were quickly knocked out. They continued attacking and destroying the lab. Jonathan quickly identified them as Guardromon and Mekanorimon. Suddenly Piedmon walked in, smirking. He busted a hole in the glass and smiled. He pulled out the Crests. “Ah… here we are…”


Suddenly an orb of blue light shot at Piedmon, causing him to drop the Crests. Two of the hooded figures ran at Piedmon. One was holding a sword. Their hoods fell down, revealing a handsome young man with spiked brown hair and a dark-skinned woman with long-flowing black hair.

“Gennai,” Piedmon sneered. “And Candeena as well.”

“That’s what Gennai looked like before he became an old man, before becoming young again?” T.K. cried.

“Who is Candeena?” Yolei asked.

Kari pointed to the woman. “Her. She is actually special. She’s the result of someone like Gennai’s data crossing with a Wizardmon’s. The result is that she has the powers of a mage Digimon.”

Gennai tried to slash at Piedmon with the sword, but he flew out of the way and came up behind the young Watcher. He inserted a small black ball into him. Apparently it was painful because Gennai let out a yell.

“DAMN YOU, PIEDMON!” Candeena yelled, shooting a beam of blue light at him.

At that moment Gennai turned and tried to hit Piedmon again, but he flew out of the way of both attacks. A Mekanorimon tried to attack Gennai, but he jumped out of the way and it hit Candeena.

“CANDEENA!” he yelled.

“GO!” Candeena yelled, clutching her side. “I’ll hold them off. You take the Eggs to a safe place!”

Gennai nodded and jumped on top of the Mekanorimon. He pried the dome on the top of its head open with his sword and threw the Bakemon that was in it out. Gennai jumped in and had the Mekanorimon scoop up the eggs and the Digivices in its huge claws. He flew up and out of the lab.

“Don’t let Gennai out of your sight! I’ll deal with Candeena…” Piedmon said, turning towards the woman.

She’d crawled towards the Crests and was clutching them in her hands. She whispered something and they disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. She glared at him. “You’ll never find them now, Piedmon! Only their true owners will!”

Piedmon glared at her and prepared to attack…

Kari turned to them. “Let’s follow.” They flew up and out and saw that Gennai was being pursued by many Digimon. They all sent out attacks, many of which he avoided. But then one hit and, without noticing, Gennai dropped one of the Eggs and the Digivices.

“That’s my Digi Egg!” Nyaromon cried. It fell down towards the forest. Nyaromon sighed. “So that’s why… that’s why I grew up all alone…”

Palmon set a comforting hand on her head and she smiled.

The figures faded and they landed on File Island. “After Gennai rescued the Eggs and the Digivices, many years passed until one day…”

“Agumon and his friends were born!” Veemon cheered. “It seemed like they waited forever… and then… one day… out of the blue… Tai’s team arrived!”

Kari nodded. “Moving on now: the question is, what exactly are the Demon Lords planning? We are working day and night, trying to find out. For now, we can only guess and try to outwit them until something terrible happens.”

“So, what do we do now?” Jonathan asked.

“It’s hard to say… but I have faith in you and I believe you’ll find an answer on your own,” Kari said. “Now, it’s time for us to return.”

And the light engulfed them once more.


They all found themselves exactly back in T.K.’s house. Kari was lying on the floor, apparently unconscious. Jonathan, Nyaromon, and Palmon rushed to her. The others gathered around. Within moments, she let out a small moan and opened her eyes a bit. After assessing where she was and who was around her, she sat up.

“Welcome back,” Hawkmon said kindly.

“What?” Kari asked, rubbing her head.

“Did it hurt?” T.K. questioned.

“Did what hurt?” Kari inquired.

Palmon stared at her. “Don’t you remember? Someone… or something… took over your body. She told us why you were chosen and about your Crests and Digivices.” He helped her stand up. “I guess we’ll have to fill you in later.”

A beeping noise came from Izzy’s computer, which had been abandoned when Izzy rushed to see if Kari was alright. Izzy raced back to it and on the screen was his partner, Tentomon. “Izzy, there’s an emergency.”

“What is it, Tentomon?”

Almost as soon as Izzy put forward his query, Davis, Yolei, Cody, T.K. and Kari’s D3’s began beeping; the modified D3’s belonging to Jonathan, Blair and Jack quickly followed the pattern. Sora glanced at Yolei’s D3 and spoke up. “It’s coming from the Yokomon Village, near Mount Mihirashi.”

“That’s not all,” a high-pitched voice piped up. It was Agumon. “It’s one of the Devas. We’ve identified him as Chatsuramon, the celestial dog.”

“What are we waiting for then?!” Blair snapped. “Let’s go!”

The three teams looked at each other and nodded unanimously; their goal now was to stop the Yokomon from being deleted. Jonathan straightened and held his D-Core at Izzy’s computer screen. An invisible signal was released from the modified D3 and it connected with the Digital Gate. “Sorry, Tentomon, but you’ll have to move aside. We’re coming and I personally don’t want you to get hurt,” he explained to the Rookie level insect. Tentomon nodded and moved to one side, telling Agumon to do the same.

The DigiPort’s light flashed green and Blair cut in with: “DigiPort open!”

Jonathan briefly glared in a sarcastic way at Blair, indicating his glare was out of amusement. “Normally, Blair, that’s my line.” But that was all he had time to say, as the large group of children were drawn into the Digital Gate.


Gennai had materialized beside a massive Digi-Chrome covered serpent, formerly known as one of the Dark Masters. Since his reconfiguration, MetalSeadramon had become more laid-back. The Mega level Digimon focused his gaze on the Watcher. “My Divermon and I will do anything for you, Gennai. What is it that you ask of us?” he nonchalantly inquired.

Gennai held up a small rectangular object with the image of a storm cloud and lightning bolt. He proceeded to explain that this object was the device that would help Jonathan’s partner to reach the Ultimate and Mega levels. The Watcher added that he would like MetalSeadramon to guard the object and not let any enemies near it, nor get their paws on it.

MetalSeadramon agreed. He raised his voice at one of the Divermon, who immediately swam closer and accepted the object. “Yes, boss! Hey, just what is this?”

All that Gennai said was: “Don’t let it out of your sight. It can’t afford to be lost.”

The Divermon were still mystified about the object but said nothing more, as they had received a quelling stare from MetalSeadramon. “I’ll be going now, MetalSeadramon,” Gennai concluded. The huge serpent tore his eyes away from his servants and looked at the Watcher, nodding. Having said that, Gennai teleported elsewhere.


Shortly after Gennai’s meeting with MetalSeadramon, back in the real world, three individual DigiPorts in Moscow, Paris and Colorado opened.

Ah, Mama’s gonna be mad I have to rush out again. I’ll have to make it up to her.

My Digivice hasn’t gone off in ages. This is so strange. Oh well, let’s begin the investigation!

I hope everyone’s okay. The Gate hasn’t been open in so long. I’ll have to be really careful.


Chatsuramon continued attacking the Yokomon Village, even after Tai, Davis and Jonathan’s teams emerged from the DigiPort. He was light blue and purple in colour, and his face was like a mask with scarlet eyes glaring out at the intruders. Large lilac balls surrounded his neck with a lavender cape close behind it.

Gatomon and Wizardmon approached the celestial dog cautiously, with Sorcerymon as back up. “Chatsuramon, why are you doing this? Why are you causing all of this damage? The Yokomon didn’t do anything to you!” Gatomon exclaimed.

“I am searching for something,” the massive dog snarled.

“Something? What is this something?” Wizardmon asked.

“The key to surpassing evolution.”

The three Champions and the Rookies looked at each other in confusion, while Jonathan was having a conversation with the rest of the Digi-Destined. Mutterings of “I don’t know what he’s going on about,”, “we have to protect the Yokomon”, “when’s Gennai going to show up” and “how much longer is it going to be before we can reach the Ultimate level” were thrown around.

You are in the wrong location, Chatsuramon. Another is guarding it, a traitor to our cause. Do not fail again. I’m quite certain you know the punishment if you do. Chatsuramon had ceased moving when the telepathic message came to his mind and immediately bounded away as soon as it finished.

“Huh? Why the hell did he leave?!” Blair yelled.

A figure materialized behind the Digi-Destined. “He left because what he was looking for is somewhere else,” a masculine voice answered.

The group turned and saw Gennai. “What are you inferring?” Jack replied.

The Watcher slid back his hood and glanced at each of them in turn. “He was searching for the object that will help Jonathan’s partner reach the next level. But he wasn’t going to find it here, because it had already been put into safe-keeping with another of our allies. I’m sure you’ll be surprised when you find out who it is, Tai.”

Tai was about to ask what Gennai meant, when the DigiPort that was nearby flicked itself on and three Digi-Destined emerged.
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