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Posted July 27th, 2019
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I'd like to see more options in the scripts instead of always having only one way to structure things. It seems increasingly true that with each version of Essentials the game template becomes more and more like a later-gen game (i.e. Gen IV or V), and less like a Gen III game.

I don't want to update to v17 personally because it would mean just mountains of work modifying scripts and assets that were "changed" in order to keep my game feeling like it's based off of FrLg.

Some examples from v17 include:

- The Item Registration menu.
- Removing the down/up arrows in the UI's.
- Battle transition choice changes, including using the transitions from HGSS.
- The sticky cursor in the battle command menu.
- Filtering the battle items menu instead of using the same one as out of battle.
- Removing the second save prompt.
- Changing the UIs so that scrolling stays in the middle when not at the top or bottom.

And since this IS a framework, it would be nice if you could stop moving assets around so much just for the sake of organization, as it makes updating versions a royal pain for people with larger games (i.e. the minor things like renaming and moving sound files to different dirs).