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First Order of business; Bun_Bun, Your profile has been approved, We hope to see you in Ignea in the 80's.


Name: Jospeh Mulder

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Origin: Orre

Appearance: Black Spiky Hair; Green Eyes and thin eyebrows with a scar across his forehead, covered by his bangs. He wears a black T-shirt with an Alien's Green Head plastered on the front, a red Jacket, Blue Jean Cargo Short's, a Green Beanie with the 1980's Pokemon Tournament logo stitched in it's lining, black socks and boots with steel cover's over the toes.

Strength: Adapt with computers and a tactical thinker. He is a cautious trainer; Thinking through with his plans cautiously before executing them or executing even a small portion of them before going full scale with what he intends to do. He put's his well being and his pokemon's survival first before worrying about the rest of the consequences that come next.

Weakness: His cautious thinking makes him slow too react and makes most of any plan he makes either fall apart entirely or give more indifferent and disastrous outcomes all together. Due to this, when something fails hard, he falls apart and finds it difficult to keep himself together. His team counter balance's this weakness by learning to fight on their own when in battle and make judgement calls to make up for his weakness when he comes to terms with the reality of what he intends to do.

Bio: Born in Jhoto and Raised in Orre, this young man has lead an average life up until the tournaments in the Orre region. Leaving home with his Monferno and on foot towards the Phenac Colosseum, he vanished. He was then found, being dragged by his fire pokemon into Phenac city almost as if aboutt o burst into tears with a bloodied shirt wrapped tightly across his forehead. He was brought to a doctor and inspected. He had a large cut across his forehead, which they we're able to stitch up and heal promptly, though the cut didn't look like it was from a pokemon and it was to even or precise to receive from a scuffle with a bandit; the cut looked a little intentional. When asked what happened to him, he replied he was on his way to Phenac village, he remembered seeing a flash of light from the sky and he was outcold afterwards, Questioning his pokemon only lead to more questions as the fire-type looked scared out of it's wits, more concerned for it's master's health than what has happened.

Since that day, he begins to study the unknown. Alien abductions, strange sightings of discolored lights, anything and everything he can get his hands on. Not in the search of being famous, but in the search of answers. Answers as to what happened to him, what became of him when he went missing. In proper conduct, he's kept his true intentions to himself, thinking that his story wouldn't make much since to anyone who would hear him out and be labeled as someone in a 'man in a tin hat.' However, through his research of what he could get his hands on, he learns there are stranger events going on further out west in a large region known as Ignea. Convinced that's where he has to go next to seek the answers of the unknown for himself, he packs's his gear, loads up on food, sunscreen and a canteen and makes his way for a bus station leading into Ignea.

Name: Blaze
Species: Infernape
Mach Punch
Close Combat


Name: Static
Species: Luxio
Thunber Bolt
Charge beam
Wild Charge

Name: Caboose
Species: Lombre
Rain Dance

Solar Beam

I'll be submitting the (IC) sometime today.