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    Episode 14: "Eyes in the shadows! Brock vs. Team Elegy!"

    "...Yusha and the Beasts returned to a hero's welcome." Brock concludes his final story over a triumphant song from the harp. "That is why today, you can see statues of the Beasts commemorating this hero, the Beasts, and their adventures all over the world."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow, then turns to leave. [That was amazing!] Mizuchi gasps as Brock gathers his gear and steps off the stage. [You really are as skilled as you say you are!]

    Her rave review was cut short by a female voice crying "Stop, thief!"

    Brock snapped to attention at the cry. Someone's in trouble--I have to help!

    He motioned for Wendy to follow him to a jewelry booth with a dull yellow awning, where Officer Jenny and a number of other officers were milling about, dusting for fingerprints and collecting evidence. "What happened here, Officer?" Wendy asked.

    "The booth owner says that a gang of boys and girls ransacked her booth and stole many of her stock, claiming they were 'Meloetta's jewels', and needed to be destroyed." Officer Jenny explained. "The odd part is, we have not seen anyone wearing an outfit like what the owner described."

    "Is there any way we can help?" Brock asked, ever aware of the wary glance Mizuchi was giving him as a warning to not go nuts over Officer Jenny as well.

    "Well..." Officer Jenny thought for a moment. "If you see anyone wearing a full navy blue outfit with a silver stripe on the pants, please let us know." After making sure all the evidence was accounted for, she and the squadron departed.

    Wendy hurried up to the teal haired girl in charge of the booth, who was softly sobbing over her ransacked cabinets, boxes, and display cases. "What can you tell us about what happened?"

    The girl wiped a few tears from her eyes in an attempt to compose herself, then began. "I was setting out some new stock when that gang of hoodlums attacked. I tried to tell them to not take anything, but they said they were taking my stock because it was "Meloetta's jewels"--whatever that means--and they were going to destroy all those rings and necklaces I worked so hard to make!"

    Team Elegy! Brock gasped. "We'll do whatever we can to find those troublemakers that stole your work and get your jewelry back, okay?" he assured the girl.

    "Thank you." The girl mustered a weak smile through her tears as Brock and Wendy disappeared into the crowds.

    Wendy thought for a moment. "Those guys that stole the girl's jewels--they had to be Team Elegy goons. But, how come we haven't seen a trace of them anywhere?"

    Just then, some laughter startled the two of them as more Team Elegy grunts began emerging from the trees, the grass, empty booths, and storage buildings. "We were hiding all along, Miss Sherlock." a boy in a slightly more elaborate navy blue and silver outfit sneered as the crowd of grunts surrounded Brock and Wendy. "We got what we came for, so there's no need for you two to interfere."

    "Oh yeah?" Brock countered as he retrieved his bow and aimed an arrow at a Beedrill hive hanging over the Team Elegy leader's head.

    "You want to fight, then?" the leader sneered. "Okay--if you two can defeat all of us in a massed Pokemon battle, we'll give back what we stole and be on our way."

    "Deal." Brock replied as he returned the arrow he was going to shoot to the quiver and put his bow away.

    "Tenku, Mizuchi, get ready." Wendy instructed as the Team Elegy grunts all released their Pokemon, creating a crowd of about 20 Whismurs.

    "Terra, help Wendy's Pokemon." Brock instructed.

    [Got it!] Terra flexed her claws and hurried by Wendy's side.

    "My team and Terra will take out the mooks." Wendy explained. "You look a lot more skilled in battle than I am, so I'll leave the leader to you."

    "That the way you wanna do it?" the leader smirked. "You summon your Pokemon, and I'll unleash mine to get this started."

    "Showtime, Hinata!" Brock heaved the Poke Ball containing Hinata skyward, forming the Vulpix on the pavement.

    "Kricketune, let's go!" the leader called as he too heaved a Poke Ball skyward.

    Ah-la-la-la-la-la-ua! sang a large red cricket Pokemon as it brandished its knife-like arms before Hinata.

    [Your war cry doesn't scare me!] Hinata retorted. She ran at the Kricketune and fired an Ember at it, singing its body.

    "Kricketune, sing the warsong of Team Elegy!" the Team Elegy leader commanded.

    Brock watched in horror as the Kricketune began singing a hypnotic melody, making Hinata's eyes begin to droop. Kricketunes can hit hard with a Slash, X Scissor, or even the dreaded Fury Cutter....granted, Hinata has a type advantage, but she is only a first stage Pokemon, facing an evolved Pokemon

    The glint of his whistle got his attention as Hinata fell to the ground with a plop, asleep. This never fails to wake her up!

    With that, he blasted the loudest and highest A note he could muster, making Hinata wake up with a jump! [mm-what?] she yawned, still groggy from the Sing attack.

    "Try and burn the Kricketune--maybe with its power and speed down, we can level the field a bit." Brock suggested as he watched Tenku bring down a Whismur. He heard Wendy say something in the chaos of battle, but when he saw Mizuchi fire a blue white beam at another Whismur and freeze it, he smiled before focusing on his own battle.

    Hinata, meanwhile, conjured a ring of blue-white fire and sent it flying at the Kricketune. The Kricketune howled in pain at being burned. It charged at Hinata, but before Hinata could dodge, she was slashed with both of the Kricketune's arms, creating an X shaped gash.

    "Hinata!" Brock grabbed a Super Potion from his bag and sprayed it on Hinata's wound.

    [Thank you--I'll finish this now!] With that, Hinata unleashed a Flame Burst, sending the Kricketune falling to the ground. Its final weak cry alerted the grunts that were still battling Wendy that their leader had fallen.

    The Team Elegy leader sighed as he studied his fainted Kricketune. "You may have won today, squinty-eyes, but know that this is only the beginning...we will not rest until the Gems of Song are destroyed, and this world is torn apart!"

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