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    Episode 16: "A choice is made! The PokeTheater challenge begins!"

    Brock found Wendy some moments later staring at a poster on a lamppost. "What's this?"

    "It's a PokeTheater actor registration poster." Wendy explained, allowing Brock to look at the poster depicting a boy portraying a fantasy hero and a girl portraying a superspy:

    Actors/Actresses Wanted!

    Do you have a passion for acting? Want to share your talent with the public?

    The PokeTheater Challenge is accepting entrants this week!

    Try your luck performing on some of Minami's biggest stages--you may be lucky enough to go all the way to the Minami League!

    "Are you going to take the challenge?" Brock asked as Wendy copied down the contact information and instructions on the poster.

    "Of course, I'm not being pulled a hundred different directions wrangling baby Pokemon." Wendy replied. "My family has always been big fans of the theater..."

    "What was the first play you remember seeing?" Brock asked as he observed a long line snaking through the western part of town and leading up to a small theater.

    " had something to do with King Arthur and Queen Guinevere wanting to give each other the perfect gift to celebrate their first anniversary." Wendy replied. "They told the Knights of the Round Table to track down the perfect gift. They agreed to find some color changing Leppa Berries..."

    [I remember that play!] Tenku chirped as the group joined the line. [I was just a Pidgey then, and you held me in your hands so I could see the stage. Merlin's costume was so beautiful, even rivaling the King and Queen!]

    "On top of that, there was an unnamed Pokemon terrorizing the Dark Forest--but the roaring and sounds made it seem a Charizard was the Pokemon in question." Wendy went on. "To this day, I still wonder what Pokemon it was."

    [I remember those knight wannabes poor Lancelot had to train!] Mizuchi giggles at a memory. [Oh, they were so funny!]

    "So did the King and the Queen get their color changing Berries?" Brock was intrigued.

    "Yeah, after dealing with the witch that guarded said Berries--a friendly hunter led them to a secret way into the witch's Berry grove." Wendy went on. "Said witch was in cahoots with a greedy baron, and it turned out the beast Pokemon was really people in a costume..."

    [The looks on the knights' faces when they found this out was priceless...] Mizuchi whispers to Emi, who giggles.

    "The only reason they did that was so the baron would be talked about more, not the Knights." Wendy continues. "Turned out the so called witch was putting on an act at the baron's behest too."

    "Moral of the story--respect is earned, and never demanded." Brock smiles.

    "You mentioned before you've been in plays yourself..." Wendy mused. "What characters have you portrayed besides minstrel Flynn Devine?"

    "Well, my most famous one is Señor Alegria, a fun-loving mariachi performing that loves a good yarn almost as much as he loves to sing and dance." Brock explained.

    [Come on now, la-la-la, it is so wonderful!] Terra sang as she teetered across the sidewalk, trying to mimic Brock dancing as Señor Alegria. [La-la-la, la la la, hear a word's beautiful sound!
    La-la-la, and it is, la-la-la,
    And it is...
    My lovely one...]

    Hinata, meanwhile, was singing the familiar tune of the <i>jarabe pateño</i> as she danced around Wendy's feet, lost in a memory of Brock doing the same dance as Señor Alegria. "No wonder he's your best known character, even the Pokemon remember him!" Wendy giggled, enamored at Hinata's shaky attempt at the dance.

    "Anyway..." Brock shepherded Hinata and Terra back to him. "My other characters that I portray regularly include the Gekijou variant of Flynn Devine, a minstrel-like storyteller named Kashu, Ace Chandler, my melodrama host and occasional hero..."

    "I've always wanted to play the heroine in a melodrama!" Wendy gasps. "Or take part in a Gekijou play!"

    "You may get your chance to do both if you take the challenge." Brock smiled, as Wendy approached the counter to register for the PokeTheater Challenge....


    Wendy smiled as she studied the sparkling silver box that would hold her rose buttons for the PokeTheater challenge. <i>I can't believe it--I'm actually taking the PokeTheater Challenge!</i>

    "Everything okay?" Brock's voice snapped her back to reality. "You haven't said a word since we left town..."

    "Well, one, it's still sinking in that I'm actually taking the PokeTheater Challenge, something I've wanted to do ever since I was little." Wendy explained, her ecstatic smile still on her face. "But something the lady at the registration table said is bugging me--I've never really auditioned for anything on this level before."

    "Being no stranger to the stage myself, an audition at any level is no laughing matter." Brock mused. "I've done too many plays, concerts and storytelling shows to even count--including my most current one; a variety show called 'Live From the Fireside'. Even then, I still get jangled nerves at an audition."

    "So enlighten me, sage of showbiz...what is an audition like?" Wendy smiled.

    "It really depends on the show, but at the very least, the director will need to see if your talents are the best fit for his--or her--show." Brock explained. "Most of the time, they will make you read a few lines from the show, sing, and maybe dance."

    "And in the case of the PokeTheater, maybe even do something even crazier, if the registration people are to be believed." Wendy added.

    "Even then, despite whatever it is you decide to do, you may still not make the cut." Brock cautioned. "Can you handle a little heartbreak on the road to stardom?"

    Wendy nodded. "I would've never gotten in that line if I didn't believe in my heart I had the courage and talent to take the Challenge, setbacks and all."

    She grinned. "Besides, I have the best acting coach and audition partner in the world--you!"

    Brock almost fell on the grass as Wendy threw herself in his arms for a joyous hug. "Goodness, we're excited tonight..." he nervously giggled.

    "Akari City won't know what hit it when we take the stage there!" Wendy grinned.

    "Well, we have a ways to go before we get there, so you have plenty of time to think about what our audition act should be." Brock assured Wendy as the group walked off into the setting sun...

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