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Plus is a ¥500 CD add-on with extra scenes, moar endings, and a new character! ...iirc. Don't really know about it other than a few major details, but they're huge spoilers and so those I will keep secret. Also Idk if you know about the Drama CD that's coming out or not but yeah. I think it only includes the original seven guys tho.

ANYWAYS um comments (in spoilers because kind of long, haha):

00:17 *raises hand as one of those people who screenshotted everything* I contemplated doing a video but Idk how I'd be able to do it.

00:50-00:59 ...Shouldn't it be last name first, first name second? But Idk I'm not Japanese nor have I ever taken a course in the language/culture...yet.

03:21 I KNOW RIGHT. /huge Ryouta fan...OK I like most of them but Ryouta's got a special place in my heart

05:21 How could hate Nanaki ;; Also I swear I'm the only person who thinks he looks a bit like Morty from Pokemon

07:13 B-but Sakuya ;; /didn't like him at first either tbh

08:22 True that. I have seen a few rock doves/pigeons tho

08:38 DID YOU KNOW HE SHARES HIS NAME WITH A POKEMON'S JAPANESE NAME? 8Db Throh; yes I'm really lame all right

09:22 ...OK I have to admit "Igiko" does sound like a good last name and "Sydian" sounds like a good first name so it works o3o


12:05 I have to admit that while I do seem to love the playboy types, I'm not a big Yuuya fan ._.;

13:59 Spoiler from the aforementioned BBL route... Yeah I know I said I'd keep them secret but hey. -->
What if I told you Nanaki (narcoleptic teacher) is yandere, and makes Shuu (the doctor) look tame in comparison? ...Yeah.

14:17 It's not ;; You have a nice voice and it's fun hearing your commentary!

15:46 ...And every time I hear that song now I think of him and I find it absolutely creepy ;;

18:51 Oh hey I get mentioned a few seconds earlier sweet 8D According to a friend of mine this is the bird that inspired Oko San: 1 and 2

20:23 You probably noticed by now but... At the bottom right-hand corner of the screen in plain English there are two options: "Save" and "Load". Also I think you can save from the drop-down menu but I forgot which one did it and I'm too lazy to check again ^^; /plus I'm a Mac user so Idk if it'd be different...probably not tho


I hope you do upload more! Like I said earlier you have a nice voice and the commentary's fun the puns in it are the best right and yeah. Go for all the endings! \o/