Thread: 6th Gen New Type Confirmed: Fairy!
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So it has been confirmed through E3 that Sylveon, along with Gardevoir, Marill and Jigglypuff, are going to be classified as the new Fairy Type. It is supposedly Super Effective against Dragon types.

How do you think this will affect competitive balance in-game and online? Does it balance the game or make it worse?

How do you feel about such a late type addition? Was it needed? Do you personally feel it was necessary, or was the game fine as it was?

Do you like the name "Fairy" or is it too similar to the egg group "Fairy"? Should the type have been named something else i.e. Light? (Light vs. Dark)

What weaknesses do you think Fairy has, and what will it be strong against? Evidence suggests that it'll be strong to Ice as well as Dragon, but weak to Poison and Steel. Do you agree with this?

What other Pokemon need to be reclassified, in your opinion, to Fairy Type?


I'm hoping they add Clefairy to the Fairy Type classification. It just makes sense lol Snubull as well.

It's also nice to see that they're considering the abundance of Dragon Type Pokemon in competitive play (and just in general). Having only two weaknesses was quite limiting for end-game teams IMO so having a choice of Fairy, too (which may or may not have better powers / weaknesses aside Dragon) is nice.
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