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Thread's been dead for a while, so let me liven things up...

So I get off stage right and drop the mic
Walk up to these hot chicks and I'm all like
Wassup ladies, my name is Dipu
Come up here so that I can see you
Look at that post count, aint it fine
6K posts that are all mine
How the hell did I get so high
Let me tell you now I didn't even try
Just posting in a forum called Pokecommunity
All the jealous *****es just want to be me
I know I just cussed and got tiny stars
My little potty mouth wont get me so far
I guess all my of my **** was really SPAM
But I don't give a ****, cause that's who I am

PEACE. you can tell, I'm not very musically talented, haha. But yeah, I made 6000 posts, and decided to make it memorable . =D
he did it, not me.