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    I posted a thread in resorces not too far back including multiple animation graphics that I converted to RMXP format that I decided to share. They were all obtained on Spriter's Resource from a ripper, but required much editing, so I worked on them. I have already compiled some of them into my game and finished some, and they work fine. As for the sound thing, I have been ripping them from a video posted on YouTube: This video includes all sounds in relatively good quality that I have been using in my completed attack animations. I am pretty sure that the attatchment on my thread no longer works, so I uploaded the file again: I can turn more rips into RMXP format, but I need more rips, so anything that I haven't included in this file is needed. I can also compile them into complete animations.

    Maruno, is there a method for animation backgrounds in essentials animation editor? Like surf or fire blast in the games, is there a way to include the backgrounds behind the battlers for the duration of the animation?
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