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Since people have been posting about this, giradialkia and I have decided to respond.

I want to put this out here: The nomination of hacks for HotQ is not a democracy, but the decision of which one will win is. We tried to bring together three hacks that roughly showed equal length, effort and quality - Some may be stronger than others in one department or another, but we theorised that if people took them for what they were then there would be a decent competition. Yes, there are other hacks that are equally able, but we ultimately decided on these three. We have taken on-board lots of responses to this thread and shall endeavour to reach a more widely agreeable decision in the future, but for now what is done is done.

Please, keep this thread clean and show respect to your fellow members, mods and each hack in the running. Just keep in mind that everyone has an opinion (that's what this competition is all about in the first place) and you may not be speaking for others.