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Hello (:
These are my shiny Pokemon-

Gyarados (either 2 or 3) - Lake of Rage [Transferred from HG/SS to Diamond version]

Buneary - Global Trade [Original game unknown; currently on Diamond version]
Golbat - Random Encounter [White version]
Chikorita - Soft Resetting [HeartGold version]
Bidoof - Random Encounter [Diamond version *Forgot about it and deleted my save file

I currently would like to find the following shiny Pokemon-


Duskull (<3)
Geodude or Onix

I generally use the Pokeradar or breed (sometimes with the Masuda method) to find shiny Pokemon. I forget the route number, but I like looking in a specific place for shinies on Diamond version. It has wild Ponyta, Geodude, the occasional Chansey, and some Kricketune. I would like having a shiny of any of these, so hunting there is ideal for me.

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