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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
that's it i'm making a grovyle

I use my brother's account :p can you tell me the ip or something? I'd rather start my multiplayer experience with a good start than troll central.
Show us the Grovyle asap! :D Unfortunately the server only houses 4 people whist we're still poor (we're renting one from, $4.99 a month for only 4 people to use it eek) so we're waiting to upgrade that before letting more people on haha. Anyone have any tips on getting a bigger server?

Originally Posted by Peachi3xx View Post
Username: Peachi3xx
Favorite Mob: Testificates!
Favorite Item: Raw/cooked fish. Why? I made my own textures for them + a few other foods...

Favorite Block: Don't really have one ^^ Diamond, I suppose?

I don't really have a preference between creative or survival. I mostly join medieval type roleplay servers. Not trying to advertise... but I help run a small Pokémon-Minecraft server using the Pixelmon mod.


If anyone's interested, I can pop a link to them. Otherwise, Minecraft is on a scale a 12 out of 10 in coolness. Oh yeah~
Oh god dying from your custom sprites. Especially the fish ahahah, I need to learn how to customise this more. Poor Slowpoke though eek! I'd definitely be interested in coming to this server some time - we could even try to make it an official server for the club if you're happy to? Would love to hear more about how your server runs! I've loved the Pixelmons mod in the past but I've only ever been able to try it with one person at a time, so having more players would be a lot of fun haha.