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Sorry guys for not going here for a while. So let's see here.
Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Username: droomph
Favorite Mob: villagers and zombies in a tight space
Favorite Item: anything that spawns/kills villagers
Favorite Block: air. (really. Try exploring ruins on Superflat Tunneler's Dream with only air blocks :p)
You're the CO-Owner of this club!

Originally Posted by François View Post
I'll join!

Username: François
Favorite Mob: anything except Enderman
Favorite Item: Water bucket (can never have too many rivers <3)
Favorite Block: Glowstone (I detest darkness!)

I'm still quite new to Minecraft but it is a suuuuuuuuuper fun game. My favourite mode is creative because while survival is more "real", what you can do on creative is just so much more fun. For a game that plays with basic massive blocks, you get some amazing designs.

And who doesn't love brutally killing villagers, really?

Originally Posted by Astinus View Post

Username: Astinus
Favorite Mob: Enderman
Favorite Item: The very necessary Pickaxe
Favorite Block: Gravel

I played in Classic mode for a while before I finally bought the game. Ever since I've only played Survival. I'm not daring enough to do Hardcore. Minecraft is a lot of fun to play, and I love that it's so open and a player can do whatever they want in their game.
Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
Username: iYoozle
Favorite Mob: No second thoughts about this;
Favorite Item: I play Tekkit far too much to remember classic blocks xD But probably cake, mmmm.
Favorite Block: Got to be moss stone.

I spend a lot of time playing Tekkit, generally so I deal with a lot more Buildcraft/Industrialcraft type stuff. I do plan on spending more time w/o mods to get a better feel of the updates and whatnot.
Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
Username: Zameric (also my ign for Minecraft)

Favorite Mob: I guess the Mooshroom. It's like an upgrade of the cow. You can get leather, milk, and mushroom soup from it. But they are hard to find naturally.

Favorite Item: Backpacks, from the Backpack Mod. It's a mobile chest, which can be very useful when out on an adventure in Survival Mode.

Favorite Block: I really like the Quartz block, and its variations, the Pillar and Chizled Quarts blocks. The pillar especially reminds me of the the Greek/Roman architectural columns, which I did a report on once for school. Although, the Quartz in Minecraft is actually more like real life marble, which I believe it was inspired by.
Originally Posted by miakalina View Post
Username: miakalina
Favorite Mob: Bat (they are so cute)
Favorite Item: Bow
Favorite Block: All of them :3

What is your favorite gamemode?
Survival. It's more fun than creative in my opinion.

How cool do you think Minecraft is?
It's my favorite game right now, so really really cool. :D
Originally Posted by Urugamosu View Post
Username: Urugamosu (ali_abdi in minecraft)
Favorite Mob: Iron Golems because they usually give me the most challenge and they just make me feel like a boss.
Favorite Item: Enderpearl, I just like teleporting. :3
Favorite Block: Sponge, I mean who doesn't?

What is your favorite gamemode?
I'd say creative. I love creating things, and creative always satisfies my need for creating.
How cool do you think Minecraft is?
So cool, definitely.
Originally Posted by Peachi3xx View Post
Username: Peachi3xx
Favorite Mob: Testificates!
Favorite Item: Raw/cooked fish. Why? I made my own textures for them + a few other foods...

Favorite Block: Don't really have one ^^ Diamond, I suppose?

I don't really have a preference between creative or survival. I mostly join medieval type roleplay servers. Not trying to advertise... but I help run a small Pokémon-Minecraft server using the Pixelmon mod.


If anyone's interested, I can pop a link to them. Otherwise, Minecraft is on a scale a 12 out of 10 in coolness. Oh yeah~

Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
Username: SwiftSign
Favorite Mob: CHICKEN
Favorite Item: Steak
Favorite Block: Emerald <3

Sign me up! I recently started playing again (offline). Once my internet is up and unlimited again I'd love to play with some of you guys! Although I prefer survival to creative, when group-ing.
Originally Posted by UltraMew View Post
Username: UltraMew
Favorite Mob: Creeper
Favorite Item: Butter (Gold Ingot)
Favorite Block: Butter Block (Gold Block)
As for you guys...OK, you're in!

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