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Ultimate Dragon monotype White update

Current progress

Made some good progress since last time. The most noteworthy events were the capture of my new team members, Krona the Axew and Kjell the Druddigon. Thankfully it didn't take long to get them to a decent level since getting the Lucky Egg is mandatory in this game. After that the last two gyms were pretty easy since I'm no longer restricted to one pokémon. Also, after playing through most of the game with the pokémon with the highest evolution level in the series evolving Krona felt extremely easy. Currently on my way to Victory Road.

Current team

Cerberus the Naive Zweilous Lv. 52 @ Eviolite
- Crunch
- Dragon Rage
- Return
- Dragon Pulse

Krona the Brave Haxorus Lv. 52 @ Lucky Egg
Mold Breaker
- Dragon Claw
- Bulldoze
- Rock Slide
- Dragon Dance

Kjell the Jolly Druddigon Lv. 53 @ Rocky Helmet
Rough Skin
- Dragon Claw
- Crunch
- Revenge
- Chip Away

Edit: What should I do if I want to post an update to my run but I'm the last one who posted? Should I edit my last post like I'm doing right now or should I wait for someone else to post?
Current challenge(s):

Challenge type: Ultimate
Pokémon type: Dragon
Game(s): Fire Red, Soul Silver, Alpha Sapphire, Platinum, White, Y, Ultra Moon
Current progress: Fire Red 8/8, Soul Silver 16/16, Alpha Sapphire 0/8, Platinum 8/8, White 8/8, Y 1/8, Ultra Moon 0/4