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Posted August 7th, 2018
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Update Tuesday!

So I had a very slow day at work today and managed to get in almost all day to work on this hack! yay
Because of this ALL of the Gen 1 (151) Pokemon are classy gents(Or not so classy for some of those "thug" Pokemon).
All that is left to be finished is to setup the wild Pokemon so you can obtain all 151. So expect a release(finally) within a week tops!!!!! yay.

Ok so update again..... Ive decided to make Charming Green an Emerald hack, this way you can experiance the Gentlemon no matter what your preference. Cause I mean, who doesn't want to see a classy AF Rayquaza coming down and beating Groundon and Kyogre into classless pulps. Charming Green has no release date as of yet as the gens 2 and 3 pokemon have not been made. Trading will be available between the 2 games. You CAN trade between normal games, but since those aren't classy I see no point in even bothering to do so.

And for those of you who enjoy spriting please shoot me a message! Im not the best spriter in the world so having a team working on the next 2 generations of Pokemon would be a HUGE help.

Stay classy guys
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