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    Originally Posted by Musashi View Post
    How would you react if it was indeed a bomb that Jessie and James placed in the Nimbasa subway tunnels? Would it bother you?
    I would be pretty mad if it is a bomb. It seems way too out of character. Sure, they planted some dynamite to acquire fossils, but to hurt people? Pffft, no. That would bother me greatly.
    I doubt their thing in Raimon City has anything to do with hurting people. If it is a bomb of any sorts, I would say it's to stop the traffic. My guess is that they want to absorb the electric energy from the subway system, or something. I'm not bothered by the BW Rockets at all, I love their mysterious schemes. (Although, the scenes with Flint and briefcases were quite a bore.)

    I probably have to join in the the member list to discuss here, so I would like pick Sandile if that's okay. XD