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Scarlet Johnson

It was dawn, the breeze flew calmly. All the tree's in the forest leave's flew towards the west, pointing in the direction of Eterna City. Scarlet was walking in the middle of the forest, she made the leaves under her fly back up in the sky. Scarlet was focused on how she would help the other Spirit Wielder's escape, it seemed impossible but with a good strategy it might just work. Scarlet was morphed into her Spirit Wielder form, she had a bushy green Leafeon tail. Small fangs and Leafeon ear's, except a little smaller than a real Leafeon's. All the rest looked human. "Were almost there Scarlet, if you make you'r way to the west once you make it to the big Oak tree there in the distance, you'll almost be where you want." Syrena told Scarlet, "That's good news. It feel's like i'v been walking forever!"

Scarlet walked for three hour's now, and all she thought about was how to help the other's like her. "Hey Scarlet, maybe you could rest at the Oak Tree a bit? If you want to of course." Syrena calmly suggested, that was a great idea. "Yea sure, I really need a break." Scarlet replied. She spotted the Oak tree a little in the distance, the two were almost there. Which meant it was almost time for a rest. But before they got there Scarlet began to think about how to help them again, this was really hard to think about. But she had to think of something.... hmm..... The Oak tree was clearer now, Scarlet could just spot a few pokemon in it. A Butterfree, Wurmple, Venipede. "Look Scarlet, the Oak tree is near. Let's run a bit so we can get there faster." Syrena always had the best idea's. Scarlet nodded with a smile and started to race over to the Oak tree, then a idea popped in her head.

"Hey... What if... I got it!" Scarlet triumphantly said as she made it to the Oak tree. What is it?" Syrena asked, sounding a little curious. Scarlet panted and rested her hands on her knees, then looked at her pokemon spirit. "I found the perfect way to free the other Spirit Wielders!" Scarlet stopped panting and slowly walked over to the Oak tree. She sat down, leaning against it's old bark and siting on one of it's big roots. "Well?" Syrena asked, still waiting except this time she sounded a little irritated. Scarlet took a deep breath and began to speak, "What if first, I'll go distract the guards at the entrance of the place, then when i lead them away you go inside and find out where they put the Spirit Wielder's. When you'r done go in a tree and wait for me to come back to the forest, hopefully i'll make it." Scarlet stopped to breath. Then continued.

"So after that you tell me where they are and then you distract the guards by attacking them with Leaf Blade, and once there distracted i'll sneak in and free them!" Scarlet stopped and looked at Syrena. "What did you think?" She asked curiously. "I think it's a great idea Scarlet, but what if you don't outrun the guards?" Scarlet blinked at Syrena, why did she always have to doubt? "I won't, don't worry." Scarlet smiled at her Pokemon Spirit. "Fine then." Syrena sighed. "Well do it after we take a rest, okay?" Scarlet nodded happily. "Sure." She then stopped and closed her eye's then relaxed down at the tree.

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