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Kilik Chambers

In the depths of the forest, there lives a boy in a treehouse, which to others would look like a regular tree. He made it well camoflagued so no one discovers it. This boy, Kilik, comes back after his trip to Eterna City with food, entering his home. Inside he sets the food & breathes. His form starts to change, a round spike appears behind his 2 hands & on his chest, small fangs appear inside his mouth, & 4 small black appendages appear around his head; the appendages were a bit smaller than a Lucario's.

"Is this enough?" Kilik's Pokespirit, Reiki, said to him. It felt good to be transformed like this.

"Yes," Kilik answered. "This should provide the taste buds well." He grabs a piece of food & ate it, craving the taste. Sometimes the taste could be more than enough to fill his belly. He sat down to rest & eat.

"When will we leave this place?" Reiki asked.

"Soon, but I don't know what dangers will come." Kilik reluctantly answers. What will he find again.

"Whatever comes, you're not alone." Reiki thought some words of kindness would soothe him, but it did little to nothing.

Kilik sighed, standing up. "Yeah..." He walked to his window, remembering his time in Children's City. He will encounter Nicholas, & kill him. He hasn't had any social time with anybody, but thank goodness Keiki came along before his birthday. Now 13, he's ready to venture out soon, knowing the risks. He kept looking out the window, eating his food while seeing if anything interesting would happen. Sadly, nothing ever happens.

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