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    Mm, breakfast. Alessa materialized back into Children's City early in the morning, having grabbed herself a few berries from Eterna City a few moments beforehand. This PokéSpirit thing was pretty useful. Keeping a good-looking Sitrus for herself, Alessa handed the rest out to some of the other kids before one ran out to her from what used to be Hearthome's prestigious contest hall.

    "Excuse me, Aly?" It was one of Nicholas' buddies, and he had to catch his breath before he could continue. "We have another trapped in No Kid's Land," in other words, Jubilife City. "Got lost in Mount Coronet. Nick wants you to bail him out and bring him back here." So with a last bite of her morning meal, Alessa lowered her sunhat and Teleported out of Hearthome for Jubilife.

    She landed straight up on top of Jubilife City's old television building. Guess I overshot it. Sen, any idea where this kid is?

    Follow the stench of fear and pissed pants, hun, the Pokémon spirit responded, assuming it was from his point of view. The latter part of that really wasn't necessary, though. You could also just check around for the giant mob of adults crowded around one area. That was an easier task than empathy, as there WAS quite a large mob surrounding a VERY broken home. Ooh, Sen noted, let's use a combo this time. It's not as fun just Teleporting around everywhere. He did have a point there, so Magical Leaf was the first choice.

    Glowing leaves blew down from atop the horribly-managed buildings, surrounding the house and everything in it in a multi-colored (albeit mostly green) tornado. An adult was inside, finding himself trapped with the child the mob was just about to condemn before he was swept off his feet and face-planting against the creaking wooden floor. Alessa giggled quietly, emerging from the old man's shadow. Shadow Sneak was always fun for tripping someone up. Double Team next, Sen? The Kirlia responded in agreement, five separate Alys encompassing the old man to keep him confused as he stood up while the real little girl approached the child cowering in the corner.

    Alessa really didn't want to bother with being kind right now; the leaves were going to fall away soon. So instead of beating around the proverbial bush, she grabbed the fraidy-boy's hand and disappeared into thin air, bringing him with her.

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