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Scarlet Johnson

The guards weren't gonna make it to the top of the tree any time soon, or leave either. "Hehe.." Scarlet quietly said to herself, as she closed her eye's and crossed her legs then smiled in the shad of the tree. Then a though occurred to her, what if Syrena didn't find out where to go? "Uh-Oh" This was bad, but she could ask her later. When the guards get to tired to keep shouting. One of the guards started to shake the tree, but that didn't get Scarlet to fall off. Scarlet sighed gracefully, and kept one of her hands dangling from the bush. Scarlet was alarmed when a hand touched her shoulder, she thought it was a guard but when she opened her eye's she was in a completely different place than before!

Scarlet shrieked in alarm, there was a girl next to her. "So," The girl said, did she bring her here? "mind telling me what all that was about?" She asked. Scarlet looked around once again, then eye'd the girl. "None of you'r business, im doing my own stuff." Scarlet lied. She stood up and looked further, why was she in Hearthome? And how did she get here? Scarlet looked back down at the girl, "How did I get here? I was doing something really important!" Scarlet said, a little angry that now she had to go all the way back again.

Knowing there would be no way to get down quickly enough, Scarlet sat back down, and stared at the girl. "And who are you?" She asked, curiously.

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