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» CBC: What needs to change and what we can do to change it

Alright, I didn't think I'd have to be posting this thread, since it not only embodies my own opinions and qualms about CBC, but those of other members as well. I'm not a strong user, I'm not one of the "old regulars" and I'd normally take a backseat, but it seems like no one else is going to step up to the plate. Alright, well I'll lead off with the fact that this is no longer Pokemon Strategies and Movesets, this is the Competitive Battling Center, and while it may seem like I'm stating the obvious, but there is way too much of an emphasis being placed here on garnering good raters and the rating and posting of teams. So the following suggestions to be realities, we're going to have to attract battlers. I don't see finding raters as an issue, mainly because as someone becomes more experienced as a battler, they eventually accumulate enough Competitive Know-how to provide good rates, and it's up to them whether they want to be an active team rater or not, hopefully they choose the former, but we need to spark an interest in the metagame in these users. Battling is what we all find to be fun, rating teams is really just a way of helping new users so that we can guide them in the right direction they're truly interested in learning the game.

The crux of this thread is essentially that if we get enough people interested in battling exploits like clans and tours become can become realistic ideas instead of far-fetched ones.The only reason we were able to get 64 entrants in PC's official tour is because KG had connections outside of PC. We really need to find other ways of generating interest outside of the tutoring program, because our battling community can only get smaller if we do nothing. Basically, instead of just one on one tutoring, we should all try and take it upon ourselves to help new users. An example transcript of what I envision:

Originally Posted by Example
Battle between new user and Regular started
Regular won against new user
New User: Dang, you're tough, I got smashed. Any tips?
Regular: I think you should probably take Charizard out of your team in favor of a stronger fire type like Volcarona, after that you could post an RMT and maybe get some more insight on how to improve your team.
New User: Ok Thanks! :)
Even small acts of kindness like this can steer new users in the right direction. I know very well that losing constantly destroys morale, if a new user keeps using a team full of their favorites, then they won't make any progress until they go to Smogon and discover, or someone tells them, that some of their Pokemon aren't viable in Competitive Play. Only then can they grow and learn battling strategy, as even the best have a hard time winning with Pokemon that aren't viable. Getting new users is how we're going to save this place.

Now this post is absolute gold and outlines everything that we should be doing to make this place "fun". Honestly, it just seems like we're simply rating teams and chatting on the server these days, no leagues, no events, no tournaments. Speaking of which, the server is rarely active these days, which definitely needs to change. Myself, Phinamthi, Forever, Jake[Musicnote], Aero, Luke and Alexial are the only ones that really come on the server anymore and rarely at the same time. It's pretty embarrassing how we have one of the larger battling communities on the internet, but out server can barely muster 5 users online at a time. I remember how much I used to love the server, with Lala up to his usual antics and being kicked accordingly, Anti talking diplomacy and Elf proudly spouting remarks of British Nationalism. What happened to all of that? I remember user Jirachel joining our server and partaking in all of the activity and chatting that went on there, a while ago. More or less, our server's activity attracted users like her to log on often and chat. She's gone inactive, but that's beside the point, as she can be used to show that an active server will attract more users to log on and chat often. Whereas an inactive server will get us a D- from a user by the name of "Server Inspector".

On the subject of Community Nights, I think if we can have them, then that would be amazing. I think the CBC Community really needs to get together and just partake in massive chatting and casual, yet fun battles. I really can't stress this enough that this is supposed to be enjoyable for everyone, not a chore and not a boring exploit. An RMT Archive, or RMT of the Month thing and emblems might help as well. It has come to my attention that none of us "regulars" post RMTs anymore, which is a real shame, since I'm sure a ton of people, myself included have learned something reading "Volcano Bakemeat" or "Elf Stall",an RMT Archive could possibly entice the regulars to post more RMTs and would allow users to read the sentiments and strategies of experienced players, as well as learn how to make a great RMT. While the majority of us probably don't value emblems, they do increase morale a bit, as it shows that someone's efforts are being recognized.

Finally, this last sentiment is more addressed to some of the members who have waded in CBC waters a bit, but haven't really introduced themselves to the community. Whether you're shy, college is eating your time or your primary allegiance is to Smogon, we welcome everyone with open arms and won't hold a negative opinion of you unless you give us a reason to. I'm not saying you should feel obligated to talk to us or anything, but even if you get on PO and partake in some of the conversation just once, I'm sure a few of us will appreciate it.

Well, I'm pretty much finished with this tl;dr, and hopefully this will be the last 'CBC Improvement Thread' that has to be posted. Since the old community has, admittedly, started to fall apart, it's up to us to build a new one. All of our goals are within reach. So come on, CBC:


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