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Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
Making battling and the community fun is my main focus right now. I'm worried at how we can make battling more fun to the members who are bored with it though (see: Aero, dragon, Spino, Jake).
I agree with everything our dear wofl said, but this in particular is what we should focus on, I think. If we come up with a solid way to get everyone re-interested and keep them interested with the game, whether that's playing other metagames or even coming up with our own (re: hiker metagame) or just like having gimmick tournaments or whatever. Something interesting is the way to go, I guess, but at the same time we don't wanna push people into doing what they don't wanna do. This should really be the focus for now; making battling here fun, so that guys who are bored of it return, and the guys that are new to it wanna stay.