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It's been a while...

A Quality Update
  • Essentials v17 was focussed (vaguely, more or less) on making quality of life improvements. Things that make the game easier to play, or look nicer, or easier to develop. This includes the new Ready Menu, which is a much improved version of registering an item that can register multiple items at once and show moves you can use in the field; the option to choose whether you want to input text via cursor or direct typing; various improvements to Debug options; the addition of the "pokemonforms.txt" PBS file; and support for AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboards, not to mention moving the F5 key all the way down to the more easily accessible F. There are plenty of other changes I've made that would fit under this heading, but I'll let you read through the change log and find them for yourself!
Yes, But What Does It LOOK Like?
  • Some long-standing visual quirks have finally been resolved. You can no longer jiggle in and out of a running pose when you're not supposed to (I know, it's a shame), grass rustling no longer happens above your head, and water reflections no longer appear over land. Fishing is much improved too, with several audio and visual cues that tell you when you've hooked a Pokémon. The shading of the world throughout the day is more pleasant to look at. Oh, and the Pokédex looks a whole lot nicer now, as do various other bits of GUI. Some Pokémon storage box wallpapers are unlockable (and locked by default), so maybe you won't see those.
Tell Me More
  • Fine. Input::A (the Z key to you and me, or W for AZERTY keyboards or Y for QWERTZ keyboards) has extra functionality all over the place. It'll play a Pokémon's cry on demand in the summary screen, it'll let you quickly rearrange Pokémon in the party and in storage, and as for rearranging items in the Bag, it'll now drag the selected item around rather than swap the positions of two items. The Bag can filter which items you see in it, so for example, in battle you'll only see the items you can actually use at the time. The battle transition animations used to be a random choice of about a dozen fairly dull fades to black, but now they work and look just like the ones from HeartGold and SoulSilver, which is much better.
Anything Else?
  • Plenty, I'm sure. Have a read through the change log to find out more. There's always bug fixes, including the one which means Pokémon that disobey you in battle now won't use the move you told them to use anyway. And people in your Phone can no longer call you while you're in a menu or starting a battle. And so on.

The full change log for this version is available on the wiki.

Have fun!


Pokémon Essentials version 17.1 has now been released.

It contains fixes for some bugs that cropped up in v17. Go download it if you want your game to work properly.


Pokémon Essentials version 17.2 has now been released.

It contains fixes for some bugs that cropped up in v17.1. Go download it if you want your game to work properly.
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