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    Originally Posted by Artificial-Insanity View Post

    I'm planning to do the exact same thing! I might livestream some of the games around Midnight if I'm feeling up for it.

    since my compy is slow, I'd only be streaming the classics, maybe some music, fanhacks and an episode or 2 of Sonic X. (this would be about 3 and a half hours from now, and the link will be in my signature in about 2 hours if I do decide to do it.)

    Oh, and YES! I LOVE the comics! Haven't got all the newest ones and there's huge gaps so I haven't been readign them must lately...

    HEHEHEHEHEHEHE. I decided to go all-out and create a fun challenge..


    Play Sonic Generations.:

    Once you complete both acts of a zone as both Sonics, go play the original game the level came from.
    Get as far as you can in the game without a Game Over. Preferably, playing through all stories.
    Record Total Lives in each game. Record where the first and last deaths in each game where.
    Do not play extra missions in any game. Do not return to previous levels to collect extra goodies or improve your score.

    At the end of the entire run, add up the totals Posted Image
    Game Over in Generations= you must restart the entire run all over again.

    *Skills ARE allowed, IF it's a skill you can earn from a mission. (Or the default, Power Brake)
    *If you can beat the original game's story mode without a single Game Over, then you may go back to that zone and do the rest of the Challanges and/or collect the Red Rings.
    *Don't have one of the games? Substitute it for another one then.
    *If you happened to get an S-Rank on your run through that zone, then you may use a continue. S-Rank both acts, 2 continues. (don't have an actual continue in the game? then use level select.)
    *Losers of the Challenge must consume at least one full Cinnadog (Chilidog with SUPER Spicy Chilli, Hot Sauce, and Cinnamon.)

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! Sonic's 1-3 will be easy, maybe not 2 for me at least but... ya! i think i'll have the most trouble with heroes. 06 thru colors will be fun!
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