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    "HEY! Get back here!" the angry shopkeeper exclaimed as he bumbled to the entrance of his store, broom in hand, knocking over crates of papayas and oranges in the process. He was not at all happy about the 'finest apples in Hyrule,' as he put it, being stolen from him. Especially not when it was some small brat taking him for a fool. The little girl wearing a bright red cloak, the hood covering her head, ran as fast as she possibly could with a cluster of apples cradled in her arms.

    A flock of Cuccos loudly clucked and scattered as the child cut through them hastily. Unfortunately for the shopkeeper, almost everyone in the village was at home sitting around their warm fireplaces, protecting themselves from the cool chill of the coming night. He groaned loudly and threw the broom down onto the stone pavement. "I'm too old to be dealing with this crap," he muttered to himself as he bent down and began to pick up the fruits and replace them into their respective crates.

    The little girl, Nadia was her name, took a turn and stopped behind a small house, removing the hood of her cloak and pulling out her raven black hair. She peered out from behind the edge of the house and watched the shopkeeper finish picking up the fruit that he no doubt had dropped as he tried to catch her. He carried the crates three at a time into his shop and when he was done, slammed the door so hard, Nadia half expected it to immediately fall off its hinges.

    It wasn't often that she got caught stealing and the excitement of having to dash off unexpectedly had almost caused her to forget about her hunger. Nadia ate two of the apples and put the other four into the inner pockets of her cloak. It was getting late, but she wanted to exit Kakariko anyway. No point in sticking around now, since the shopkeeper was going to come outside in a few minutes and Nadia usually saw him walk this way. She made her way out of the village and walked quietly through Hyrule Field for what seemed like hours, but was really only about an hour or so. Heading in the general direction of Gerudo's Valley, she contemplated whether or not going in was such a good idea.

    She usually avoided going there because the Gerudo woman scared her more than anything, but it was the closest place she could go to that had at least a few comfortable places to sleep in. The sky was becoming darker and darker with each passing minute, and the temperature dropped lower and lower. The small girl stopped walking and stared straight ahead. Hyrule Field still stretched out for a good distance, and something within that distance caught her eye. It was a tent, and there was a figure of a person standing right outside of it.

    Nadia wasn't sure whether she should continue going in that direction and silently walk past it in hopes that the person wouldn't try to harm her, or if she should just curl up in her place and sleep there. No, she couldn't sleep there. The Stalchildren would beat her to a pulp if she just slept here in the middle of nothing. Nadia was only nine years old and her scrawny underfed body couldn't afford to walk the extra couple of hours to settle somewhere near Lake Hylia. The nearby ranch was completely out of the question, since the inhabitants there hated Nadia's guts for trying to take off with one of their good horses. I need to keep walking. Nadia edged toward the tent and the figure, slowly lifting her hands up and pulling her hood over her head. She was ready to fight if this stranger decided to try attacking. A surprising number of people attack children since they tend to be easy targets.
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